117. How to Feel Free While Serving G-d

Facebook Instagram Youtube 117. How to Feel Free While Serving G-d Sara Yocheved is a qualified Stress Management Therapist, Remote Torah Bio-energy Therapist and Teacher. Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman is a marriage coach for women in business. In her LIVE show and the “Connected For Real” Podcast, she interviews amazing women to enhance all the parts […]

Sukkot – The Happiness Obsession

Sukkot is the holiday of happiness. We are commanded to be happy – and that’s weird, ’cause happiness is an emotion! I’ll be talking about my obsession with happiness throughout my life, what I found in my search for real happiness, and the steps to become truly happy. To work with me: Only 4 spots […]

79.Yom Kippur: Backwards or Forwards?

It’s a new year, Yom Kippur is coming, and we are hearing a lot about repentance. Big question is: Should we be focusing on the past or on the future? Looking backwards or forwards? And what does it mean to get “back to ourselves?” Email me at advice@connectedforreal.com to work with me one-on-one for three […]