42. Friendships & Marriage with Helene Wrede Brolund

Brolund and her husband work together to help people create real friendships. Along the way they are balancing having a business, being partners and parents together. Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman is a marriage coach for women in business. Her passion is helping women find flow in that intersection of marriage and business. Together we'll be talking about marriage, friendships, the importance of connection, and how we do it "all" in a way that feels aligned.Read more

41. Working as a Couple with Naama Goldberg

Artist and web developer, Naama Goldberg, runs two businesses. One of these was a surprise from her husband, who has been her rock and support for her passions. Naama shares her journey, hopes, and dreams as an artist and the systems that she uses as she works alongside her husband.Read more

40. Behind the Scenes with my husband, Rabbi Avi Grossman

In This Episode My husband, Rabbi Avi Grossman, founder of Torah Le'Maaseh and author of Haggadat Hapesach - The only Passover Haggadah for a Seder with the Paschal offering as the centerpiece, is here with me to discuss working together as a couple on this joint project! Listen to how we work together, who does what, and how we juggled our strengths and weaknesses to create an epic, one-of-a-kind Haggadah. Links Order Haggadat Hapesach here! Rabbi Avi Grossman: Website Machon Shilo YouTube TorahBox YouTube FLOW Mastermind - A Business Mastermind for an Integrated Life FLY Mastermind - A Marriage Mastermind…Read more

39. The Whole Child with Hanna Baer

Hanna Baer is an educational therapist who works with her husband work together in their business, Neuro-Fun, Whole-Child Therapy. From putting God at the center of their relationship, prioritizing their family before their business, and learning to communicate, Hanna and her husband are able to grow their marriage and business to its full potential.Read more

38. The Holistic Life and Marriage with Tova Eastman

Tova Eastman is the founder of IGNITE Fitness Academy, which she and her husband work on together. Finding balance as a mom of three, an entrepreneur, and a wife is Tova’s game. She applies scheduling and scheduling herself first as a practical way to be present with whatever she has to do. Working with her husband is an advantage to both her relationship and business because they have found systems and boundaries to use to gain success in every aspect.Read more
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Connected For Real is all about connecting to yourself, your husband and God.

Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman

Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman is a God-centered marriage coach for women in business. She helps successful women integrate their marriage, business and purpose so they can live an aligned and integrated life. She has helped hundreds of women connect on a deeper level through her virtual retreats, one-on-one coaching work, and group program. She lives in Israel with her husband, Rabbi Avi Grossman, and their six children.

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