17. Shifting Your Money Mindset & Marriage with Debbie Sassen

Our thoughts control our feelings and behaviors. Debbie Sassen, a money mindset coach, shares her expertise on dissolving money blocks that hinder more money, success, and growth. Our mindset on money has an effect on our marriage. This collaboration with marriage coach, Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman, can help you deepen your relationship with your husband and become more comfortable talking about money.Read more

15. Time Management & Marriage with Helen Abelesz

In This EpisodeA good life and marriage require time management. Helen Abelesz, a Life Coach, works with women who are overwhelmed and need help prioritizing themselves and everything else in their lives. In this episode, she gives advice and tools to use to make your marriage happier and how to feel calm every day. Highlights00:55 Helen Abelesz works with busy moms who forget to put themselves as a priority and look after themselves.03:36 Taking ourselves out of the situation and having a mantra or positive affirmation can help us when we are feeling overwhelmed.05:48 The reason we get overwhelmed is…Read more

14. Raising a Leader with Rebbetzin Naomi Gez

shows she is full of life because she believes everyday Hashem gives her is a gift, so she uses it to do good through her polymer clay jewelry business by teaching children science, art, and lifelong values, and shidduchim for couples who want to get married. This feel-good episode between mother and daughter will make you want to pursue the things that fill you up, call your mom, and give her the biggest hug!Read more

13. Role Reversal with Mascha Siekkötter

In This EpisodeMascha Siekkötter is the host of the Connected for Real for this episode. She attended the Connected for Real Intimacy Masterclass and loved it so much because of the practical advice given by Rebbetzin Bat-Chen. Mascha interviews Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman, about the Connected for Real Intimacy Masterclass, her story and mission as a marriage coach, and some common issues married women have, such as bringing back the fireworks. This episode is a preview of Rebbetzin Bat-Chen's approach to bringing God into your life and marriage. Highlights02:08 Rebbetzin Bat-Chen has been married for 15 years, and this is what…Read more
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Connected For Real is all about connecting to yourself, your husband and God.

Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman

Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman is a God-centered marriage coach for women in business. She helps successful women integrate their marriage, business and purpose so they can live an aligned and integrated life. She has helped hundreds of women connect on a deeper level through her virtual retreats, one-on-one coaching work, and group program. She lives in Israel with her husband, Rabbi Avi Grossman, and their six children.

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