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You can have BOTH
a fulfilling 7-figure business AND
a five-star marriage full of love and support.

G-d put you here on purpose!

You are spiritually connected, intuitive, and aligned with G-d and His abundance.

Your life's work is fun & fulfilling

When you are doing your work, you are on fire lighting up the world with your gifts!

BUT... You don't want your marriage to pay a price!

It doesn’t have to be one or the other – you can align and integrate both!!!

In the Marriage Breakthrough Retreat you'll learn

May 8-11 & 14-16
6 pm UK | 8 pm ISRAEL | 1 pm NY

Monday: Connect to yourself [C],
Tuesday: Ask for abundance [A]
Wednesday: Listen for the answer [L]
Thursday: Master a higher level of consciousness [M]

Sunday: Enhance your intimacy
: Design the atmosphere of your home
: Pulling it all together & Q+A

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7 Days to Align your marriage to your Success & Purpose!

During the FREE 7-day retreat you will

  • Completely rely on God so you can be aligned to His abundance.

  • Receive the support you crave and the help you deserve from your husband.

  • Create an atmosphere of peace in your home. 

  • Enhance your intimacy and enjoy your husband’s company again.

Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman is a marriage coach helping successful women improve their marriage and love their lives. She has helped hundreds of women connect on a deeper level to God, themselves, and their husbands. She hosts a weekly live show, featuring topic experts, discussing the effects of life stressors on marriage. She lives in Israel with her husband, Rabbi Avi Grossman, and their seven children.

Sign up to the 7-day FREE Retreat

7 Days to Align your marriage to your Success & Purpose!


"This retreat changed my life!"

"It's been 4 months since that free retreat you had, and I can't believe the breakthrough I've had in my marriage... oh wait, the name of the retreat was "breakthrough" wasn't it? ha! I guess I can say it truly worked!"
"I did NOT expect to be blown away like this. Just a couple of days into the retreat, my husband and I had the most delightful conversation, I got a new client, and I actually went to get a facial - which is something I never did - it felt so good!"
"I was in such a bad place, the week before the retreat. My husband and I had a huge fight and I was so depressed. The retreat was a breath of fresh air! I got practical advice that really changed everything and I can now see what I need to do next. Thank you!"
"I was feeling so tired, running the house, managing the kids, AND building my business. The virtual retreat felt like a gift from God. It got me re-centered and re-aligned with my values and my priorities. It's a month after the retreat and I can confidently say it was the best thing that happened to me. Thank you Rebbetzin!"
New York

Sign up to the 7-day FREE Retreat

7 Days to Align your marriage to your Success & Purpose!