117. How to Feel Free While Serving G-d

Sara Yocheved is a qualified Stress Management Therapist, Remote Torah Bio-energy Therapist and Teacher. Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman is a marriage coach for women in business. In her LIVE show and the “Connected For Real” Podcast, she interviews amazing women to enhance all the parts of our life: Specifically the four pillars: G-d, Marriage, Business, & You. Together they will talk about Freedom and G-d.


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Welcome to the Connected For Real podcast. I’m Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman, a marriage coach for women in business. And my mission is to bring God’s presence into your life, into your marriage and into your business. Let’s get started.


And we are live. Welcome everyone to the Connected for Real podcast. I’m Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman and today with me is Sara Yocheved. We’re going to talk about freedom and God. So first we’re going to start with Sara Yocheved. Introduce yourself.

Okay, so I’m 55 years old. Grew up at Monsey, New York in a Hasidic family, came to Israel 36 I got married, half a year after I got married with my husband. And live in Jerusalem, anticipating the Beth HaMikdash with happiness.

We have seven children. And I’m just passionate about Hashem. Ever since I was 17 years old, I listened to Rabbi Avigdor Miller, who was the forerunner of podcasts of anything. Digital that made Torah available to the public.

So he’s my major influencer in my life. Rav Avidgor Miller, he had like a certain lens through which he saw Hashem he got me excited about science. And nowadays I do a couple of things, but one of it is practicing remote quantum telebio energy. Okay, tell everyone what that means. Okay. So when we went to school, we learned that everything is energy, right?

All mass is energy. So the world is energetic, it’s dynamic. And then scientists have been able to discover deeper. levels of matter. It was until now, we knew that when we went to school, we learned that the atom was the smallest particle. What about you? Like, what do you remember? What’s the smallest particle in this world?

Yeah, I guess the atom was. Yeah, we didn’t want quantum, sorry, right? We didn’t want quantum physics. We just want physics, but quantum at a quantum level, quantum of tini tini at a quantum level. There’s subatomic parts. It’s a fascinating world out there. So let’s divide according to what the name, right?

The remote quantum Torah bioenergy healing. So, first remote. What is remote? Remote is that you can do it at a distance because quantum physics teaches that particles can be affected, or can affect very, very dissonantly. If it’s writing the frequency, so to break it down. Basically, there’s three parts to bioenergy.

Everything is energy. We said, well, energy is connected frequencies. If you get the right frequency, just like, if you can tune into a radio, like, if you got the right frequency, right? On your receiving device, but if you don’t, you can’t listen to it, but it’s there. Well, you have to know how to tap into, so you can tap into the different frequencies and because everything is interconnected, there’s a way how to do that.

And the last part is information. All these waves of energy that the entire universe, not only the world, what’s the universe? Rebbetzin Bat-Chen, what’s the universe to you? Like, can we understand the universe? The universe? The universe? I don’t know. I guess it’s the it’s the farthest I can think. It’s the entire, everything that exists. So, we know from the Torah, we’re lucky because in the Torah, it’s mentioned already much earlier, it’s just that Nehashem gave permission For the world the scientists to discover it.

Now, there’s a problem with the scientists, some of them. They don’t want to agree to it, because it’s hard to accept. You know, we’re talking about God today, our freedom. So, it appears the opposite, you know, like you were afraid. If there was a God, so there must be a code of law. Which is difficult to follow.

So, they prefer to ignore it. But, everything today, all the computers, there’s even quantum cues, crazy things. I even read that you’re not going to need to be in an airplane anymore because you can sort of duplicate yourself just by thoughts. So that’s the thing. By thought, right? By intention, one day, you’ll be able to just say, I want to be in Australia.

I know how to duplicate myself, ride the waves, and I’m there. So, it’s an unbelievable thing. Albert Einstein, he calls it spooky action at a distance. And , that’s my second teacher in life. My husband’s I married somebody who is a Breslover Chassid so I remember the fact that. Rebbe Nachman said that when Mashiach comes Meaning that the world will be brought to its highest level of Tikhon, materialistically. A person will think, he wants to go to Beit Hamikdash, and whoops, he’s there. So I think it’s related. I think it has something to do with this quantum, this quantum mechanics and quantum physics.

Because everything we know, also advances in medical equipment, in aerial equipment, in satellite equipment, I think it really is. Who’s doing it? Who’s bringing it to us? It’s the discoveries of the quantum sciences. It’s fascinating. So information. That’s what I’m talking about now. There’s everything out there in the entire universe.

We don’t even know. We can’t imagine what a universe is. Because we know our Milky Way. And that has like billions, they say. There’s many, many, many others. And also, there’s also spiritual worlds. Not only physical ones. We’re about. That’s huge. Invest. And by the way, if you wanna know why it has to be so fast, why Hashan have to create it this way?

So I just saw from Rabbi Avigdor Miller, my teacher comes into my inbox nowadays, people used to asking questions and one of the questions was, why’s. So that’s because we should be humble by Hashan. We should realize like, what? A nothing, nothing. We are next to Hashan. So, we should be able to praise that much more to realize that there’s not enough you know, someone was asking, you know, for sperm, there’s like billions of sperm that come out. One of them is needed to to fertilize the egg. To have babies. I mean, that’s crazy. We need billions of them. Five, six, you know, billions to show the greatness of Hashem. Wherever we go. So, this just fascinates me. And what I do is based on these three principles. That’s the bioenergy principle.

Okay, so we say three things, right? Yeah, this is what quantum physics says. Quantum physics says that everything is energy and energy has frequencies and that energy carries in it huge amount of information.

So as a therapist, We learn techniques how to access that information that’s riding on the frequencies of energy. So we connect, to the energy and that can be done at a distance because another major principle of quantum science is entanglement. You’ve heard of it?

Entanglement. What’s entanglement? When I think of entanglement, I’m thinking your marriage and your business and how entangled they are and how to, you know, unravel that so that you can have a better life. But you’re probably talking about a different type of entanglement. Yeah, it reminds me of like, I’m from Hungarian extraction.

In Hungary, you know how they used to test like a, the, the, the future mother-in-law would come and she would wanna know how capable her collar is. You know what they used to do? They used to give her a huge knot, not a piece of strings. She had to just untangle that she was able to do it.

Okay, great. Paula, welcome. Mazel. Patience. It’s seeing how well you can sit through something hard and, you know, figure it out. And the truth is, I think that the test was less about untangling the actual physical thing and more seeing how you react to the frustration. Right. And I don’t believe in testing your brides, you know, I don’t believe in testing anyone, but I think that it’s always really good just for, for ourselves to be aware of how we react to certain things.

Yes. Like facing challenges. That’s actually one of the red lights of like the guy or the girls exploding at every little thing, you know, one at a time. Don’t call me in there. You’re like, So even in their simple lives, they have that to offer us for living advice, right? Yeah. Okay. So go back to the entanglement.

Yeah. So we got the energy, the frequency and the information and the entanglement means that it’s all connected. So, I can be able to pinpoint and tap in to everyone’s energy pathways because it’s all entangled. You got it? Mm. Yeah, it’s like a net. Fascinating. And science.

Yeah, I think, I think one of the coolest things is that, you know, our life when we think of our souls and how we are all connected and we’re like a net. And so I think that’s what you’re talking about when you talk about entanglement. It’s like all of us are connected, but we don’t see it.

So we think we are our own people. We think we’re a unit. Yeah. That’s what actually in the book called Tomer Devorah, written by Rabbi Moshe Fardaviro. And in Chabad studies, it’s taught that Hashem actually planted great people, great righteous people in each generation. So all, Of us, I don’t know about you, you’re the representative, but simple folks can tap into that and they can also get connected to Hashem through that and I really think that the energy waves is a beautiful kind of metaphor for it.

Yeah. Okay, so that’s the body of energy part. This could be done remotely we said and now we go like so what are the tools, right? So there’s a bunch of tools how to stop the idea is that If the energy lines are open and free so that reflects in a healthy body mind system Spirit and finances. So that’s a surprise for you being a coach for business women, finances.

So the whole idea is actually, there is no surprise there. I do see that finances are direct correlation to how we are. in our being, right? So when we open up to abundance and we can expand ourselves, the abundance comes and it’s very correlated. So I’m not surprised. I love that because we have a community here, a small one, but it’s a growing community of Shefa catchers, which is abundant catchers.

Did you know that in the morning prayers, there’s a bunch of, different prayers praising Hashem, the Pesukai Dezimra, which is praises of Hashem, there’s a prayer I’ll say it first in Hebrew and I’ll translate it. It’s, P’l seh ach es yed deh chah You open your hands because we have to have an image, right? of what giving is. U’maz bi ya l’chal chai ratan And just showering upon every living soul. Even animals, anybody, any living soul.

ratzon, which is like their desires. You know, not Hashem’s desires, their desires. So what we’re saying is, and I heard that the practice of Jews from Sephardic extracts to actually open their hands and do the act of bringing this down because catching shefa is firstly believing in it, that it exists.

And just being open, like you just said, open to be able to catch it. So that’s part of it. So where the thought goes, that’s where the energy flows. So if your mind is on catching the shefa, that’s how it’s going to come.

So what the third is, it’s just a vast amount of information and to be able to contract it into words is like a little difficult. So what’s the role of the therapist? The role of the therapist is to see where there are blockages of energy, whether it’s, we said, financial physical, emotional, or even spiritual, and to open those blockages, right?

To open them and to clear them, but that could be done at a distance, and to infuse, right? So we got that. Removing the extra, the extraneous, the blockages, but infusing good stuff there. So there’s a lot of healing happening. How do you do it? We use Emunah, the believer of Hashem. Everything is Hashem, we’re just a channel.

Because, so Rav Avigdor Miller again, he says, Hashem is a kind of energy, type of energy, the energy behind all energies. And I’m very grateful that I, I saw this because this makes it even more nice, really amazing. And he said that Hashem is the energy of all energies, He is the koach, He is the power, the higher power behind everything.

And the word for power in Hebrew are the two letters of Aleph and Lamed. Hebrew letters spell k-el and that means the superpower the base of all energies behind the all energies. So you see how everything is interconnected? At this, it’s how at a soul level we connect to Hashem. That’s to me fascinating.

So we’ve got this Emunah. We believe that Hashem is just allowing this amazing healing. We say it in the morning prayers also, because we say Hashem is constantly creating. Refu’ot, which is healing. Hashem has, like, this is a healing gift from Hashem through Hashem, and we’re just like conduits.

So we have the amunah, the belief in, the belief in a creator, and we have prayer. So we talk to Hashem, we infuse whatever we want, whatever we’re infusing in the person that we know. It’s, the person is stuck with, so we turn up to Hashem and we ask Hashem to do it. And the third thing is hope.

And, the hope is, like, people hear, well, there’s a way to, what we do is not alternative medicine. We don’t ever tell people, you gotta get a few medications, whether it’s medications for physical or emotional stuff that a person’s going through. We just have ways, it’s, it’s called, and it’s It’s it’s included in the law of America nowadays that it is a valid kind of practice.

There are hospitals that use it, hospitals with cancer patients, even hospice patients who are like slowly but surely leaving this world. So, quantum, remote quantum bioenergy, or just quantum bioenergy, it doesn’t have to be remote, it could be also remote, helps them feel good about it. Helps them uplift a person to be able to experience what they’re experiencing.

So it’s part of complementary medicine, and the idea of hope is that, you know, the placebo effect, people say, oh, let’s say homeopathy, I study a little bit of homeopathy, so you go to placebo, well if it’s a placebo and it makes people well, it’s a great placebo, you know the idea with the placebo is also If a person gets hope, the body goes into self-healing because really, Hashem gave us hashem put into us.

God put into us healing systems that the, the body revitalizes. When that doesn’t happen, you need medicines and outside interventions. What we do, you have hope, a person has new hope, things can become amazing. Yeah. That’s, that’s what I do. If you have time, do you have time for a little story?

Yeah, hold this for just a second. I want to just give you a thought, you know, I was thinking about all the grandmothers who pray, you know, pray for the grandchildren, pray for the soldiers, pray, pray, pray. And you would think like, what does that have to do with anything? But that’s exactly what it has to do with everything, right?

Because we’re all connected, we’re all interconnected and everything that we do and we put into the world and we use, you know, especially prayer is words and it is hope and it is Faith, and it is trust. And all of this beautiful energy is being put out into the world and is rising everybody else up.

And so I think of that as a perfect example of what you’re talking about, how, you know, we are all interconnected, and you don’t need to be touching someone or being with someone in order to raise their level of, you know, You know being 100 percent and I saw a clip someone wrote that she has it’s a tehillim group.

She has a psalm group a little kid they come and say songs together to get prizes So when those two Argentinian citizens, when they were rescued, it was 1. 40 p. m. there in America. That was the exact time when they just, she had this feeling, right? Where’d you get that feeling from? That feeling that now is like a great time to pray and they just feel free, like with heart, you know, with their whole body and soul to Hashem and they got rescued.


I have, I have this thing that sometimes hits me, I get these like feelings and, and it’s crazy. Sometimes you call the other person, you’re like, is everything okay? Like, how do you know? Right, intuition. So that’s the information, that’s the, intuition is tapping into that energy. And I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but, In the Hasidic books, you know, the, the holy, they’re called the holy slur, the holy books.

There’s a lot of talk of tapping into the energy. There’s a whole book, any I’m sure that you probably heard of the Bnei Sahar, you’ve heard of that? So okay. So I’ll tell you about him because many people, it’s a whole book a month, the energies of the month and how to tap into it. It’s fascinating.

You know, this whole. That’s the Torah bioenergy. Cool. So, okay, now tell us the story that you were going to tell us, because that’s The story was a story that was a rabbi And people used to come to this rabbi for help, for counseling,

for advice, etc. When they were sick they would come and ask him what to do and pour out their hearts to him. And when someone came and, you know, a group of brothers came and said, you know, our brother has cancer. And he’s dying and he’s he’s depressed and what’s going to be with his wife and kids and all of that.

So the Revi said, I give you now, do I say he’s going to live? He said it like, I promise you he’s going to live. Sorry for that. And that person died. So now the guy came back, the Revi, Hey, you promised you’re supposed to be a miracle worker. How could that happen? So you Rebbe answered? The Rebbe said, my job is to give hope.

Because whenever there’s hope, Hashem put God put into it. There’s also science put into the person, such a survival instinct. But that’s only when you have hope. Remember all the Holocaust stories? Whoever lived enough to be a Holocaust survivor. A story recorder or author, I’ve read a book about it.

That’s because they have hope. In each book I find it. It’s very fascinating to me. Whether their mother gave them this blessing that they’re going to live. They had, they had something that kept them with hope. And that’s what the power of hope can do. And what we do is, if a person feels stuck, if not, there’s plenty of, like, you know, plenty of different things that everyone does, like praying, you say, filling out, like, knowing that something’s wrong with someone who we’re still connected with, you know, we’re so aligned with, it’s called being aligned, our frequencies are aligned with the people we love, we can know what’s going on.

Even if they’re far away. It’s just when a person is stuck, then we have the techniques that tell, and know what the root of it, you know, it’s a fascinating thing. Okay.

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 So let me ask you a question. Let’s get practical because people are like, oh, I want to get on the same frequency as my husband, or I want to feel like I’m aligned with the people around me or my kids or my clients or whatever.

How do I tap into that alignment in order to get that connection? Okay. So I’ll tell you I’ll give you, I didn’t give anyone a tip. Yeah. You can’t do it alone. Come to the therapist. I will feel you like the easy life, you know, like popping pills. You can also do that. But if you want to know, you want to learn something, it’s all about intention.

That’s all it takes. Intention. So you want to align yourself with Hashem, the will of Hashem, God’s will. You know, God’s will is what keeps the world up. It’s through energy, right? So you can just say it. You can set an intention. I set an intention every single day for myself that I just want to view the world, experience the world, out of love and happiness.

Like, and that’s my energy space. I only accept love and happiness to be able to serve Hashem happily. So whether it’s decorating my home the way I love, you know, anything that causes me to be able to be loving, loving and happy, that’s what I want to do. So I set my intention for that. We in our prayer book, I mentioned the prayer book a lot because it teaches me a lot.

I get a lot of information out of the prayer book, like amazing stuff. So I just have to set my intention to be aligned with and see what happens. It’s amazing. So if you have a average marriage, let’s say that’s wonderful and it’s going to work. But if there’s trauma in the marriage, probably better to ask the therapist because we also give it, you know, we as a coach, right?

There’s also advice and different things and mostly people who have trauma just need to be listened to mostly to be listened to and the therapist needs to have It’s called in hebrew Which is divine assistance Or divine providence to be able to tune in because if the therapist’s not riding on the waves and it’s not getting connected It’s not going to happen.

I hear this. So basically what I’m taking from this is that. The first step is you have to align with God’s will. You have to bring God into the situation. And then, you know, from that, you can align with your intention. You can align with the other people. You can really, you know, be on a frequency that accepts what’s happening, you know, beyond you.

But first, if you’re feeling stuck, just pause, take a deep breath and bring God in. Yeah, that’s what you do, right? I know that you do that. You mentioned it already to me. So what does it got to do with God and freedom? Yeah, let’s talk about that. It gives you a lot of freedom. So first we’ve got to talk about God, right?

So I call God the creator. Why? Because if I’m creative, I already have an obligation to my creator.

If I’m just a creative being, I’m dependent on someone. Now, let’s say I was thinking today, I said like, what, what could be like a metaphor for it for assumed freedom? Some people think doing what they want is like freedom and the real, the true, the true freedom. So I was thinking just like, even though just a washing machine, if someone manufactured a washing machine, right?

So firstly, is he going to want people? To use it. And have benefit from it. So the first thing, what’s he gonna do? He’s not only gonna send a washing machine, but along with that, he’s gonna get a instruction manual. And someone says, I don’t wanna look into that. I wanna be free to do whatever I want. So he takes his, like I’m not into fashion so much, but I, I know when something is pretty, but I don’t know who the fashion, I have the statements on nowadays of who they are.

But when I was small younger, a little bit Pierre Cardin or, you know. So let’s say someone takes a gorgeous cotton wool piece of stunning outfit. They just throw it into their washing machine, and they turn it on 90 degrees, because they just want to be free to do whatever they want. So we all understand that a manufacturer, who’s manufacturing things, Shows that he had plan and intelligence and meant it to serve us.

So you want to be able to utilize it. Manufacturer said instructions so you can be free and the real freedom to use it wisely and get it to work for you. So it’s the exact same thing. Like a washing machine is nothing when we just discussed what quantum physics can do. I have to find quantum mechanics like what it does, you know, just going to hospitals nowadays and see a fascinating equipment and on a plane, you know, traveling on a plane and all the GPS and wait, it’s unbelievable.

So Hashem wouldn’t, would Hashem leave an instruction manual? I mean, we see the wisdom in Hashem and we also see that Hashem is so kind because everything in this world is done in such a kind way. Now, therefore, Hashem didn’t leave a manual? He left a manual for the entire universe, not only for Jews, for us as Jews, you know, which will be following the Torah.

But Hashem left, through His Torah, also messages and instructions for everybody. Why? Because He wanted us to have the freedom. To make our choices. What other? We don’t have freedom. We don’t have freedom if we’re born healthy. We don’t have freedom of our circumstances whether we’re going to Be rich or poor, but what we do have freedom over is How we’re going to experience the world what kind of character traits we’re going to use to deal with this world and that’s a fascinating world A free choice.

It’s called Free Choice. And in the Torah it, it says, Hashem says It’s Hashem’s message. And it’s really what Hashem said. That’s also a crazy thing. Like if you think about it, what God like left a message to us. Yes. And there. I gave you a choice, Lee, I gave you a choice to do good and I gave you a choice to do not good.

And Shem is asking us to behave correctly, just like the manufacturer says, he’s not giving any guarantee if the person abused is a washing machine.

Yeah. I mean, I think this is fascinating. You know, could you imagine I know about myself that. I had to do a lot of coaching around systems because I’m so in flow and I like to be, you know, spontaneous and I’m an artist and I like to be creative and I don’t want anybody telling me what to do. So I don’t want a calendar and I don’t want systems and I don’t want to have routines and I don’t want to have all these things because they, you know, get in the way of my freedom of, just expressing myself and being and all these things.

But in reality, when I actually broke it down with an amazing coach of mine yeah, Rifka Jofie, she was amazing. And. We, you know, we really got to the bottom of it and we’re like, actually, I am constantly reinventing and constantly working harder because I’m not leaning on the systems and like you say, having the structure, having the systems, having the manual to know, Oh, this is what the structure of my day is.

And this is where I have the freedom to do whatever I want. And I have the freedom to go or not go to yoga, but I know I have yoga every Sunday morning. So there’s a spot in my calendar. That’s telling me what to do. Same thing. I really love that explanation that you say it said with the machines.

Cause you know, this is a spot. thing, but even if you get a washing machine, you don’t know how to use it and then you use it wrong. Like, what was the point of getting it? Right. So, I’m the opposite, and I love systems, and I’m not an artist, but I’m lucky because it might come as a surprise to people, that I grew up Hasidic, but I’m not stoned.

Real, real. I love a super duper.

But I was lucky that my parents, they had to pay the price for it. But they certainly led their lives thinking independently, not just following blindly. So that’s, that’s, that’s freedom. It’s freedom. I want to be aligned with Hashem’s will because He’s the manufacturer and that’s His instructions.

But I look into the books to, to feel if it’s right or wrong, not what other people are doing. So I had this thing that the opposite, you know, the idealism of wanting to Not be perfect, but that everyone else should think about me, then I’m perfect. And the opposite. You know what I mean? Like, if a person wants to be like, free to do whatever they want, I really think an artist is.

An artist It’s material and produces something from it. And look, I think that’s like, amazing. Most people, if they would want to be considered, you know, the god of the universe, they wouldn’t allow this freedom. I mean, you know, think of all these dictators in the world. But Hashem, He’s so kind. He shares Himself with us.

And within certain parameters, you can create whatever you want. I cannot create an idol. No, you can’t do that. Because , we have to be grateful. We have to be grateful for the creator who made this gorgeous world for us. And we just can’t you know, but you, it’s editors, right? What you can do with your creativity.

So I’m a creative person, but it never came as so much, I’m creating, I’m creating and making structures and making systems when I was a teacher, like support structures, different things. So I needed to break out of that and be more like you. Oh, I love it. You want to hear about that? Okay, go ahead. Go ahead.

Okay, I’ll tell you. So okay, so Rabbi Nachman, he speaks about a certain, you heard of Rabbi Nachman? Yes, of course. Rabbi Nachman, that’s what we’re talking about, right? So, he taught a very interesting concept, and that is, you know, if you heard of Rabbi Nachman, did you hear about Like the Kutsk Rebbe.

Heard of that? Yes. The Rebbe of Kutsk? So what happened to his descendants? Was there like a chain? Is there like nowadays someone a Kutsk Rebbe also? I have no idea. All the different branches, like Gor. Heard about Gor? Yes. Yeah, there’s like a whole bunch of them, but are they the same? Like you think of like nowadays the same kind of situation as it was 200 years ago?

Of course not. They’re connected to the original Revian anyway? Well, in lineage I’m sure. If they learn their, if they learn their books, Khabib, that’s what they do. But most people, because the generations become a little bit like descend a little bit. So. It’s not the same level of spirituality as it was, but Rabbi Nachman, to me, this is my interpretation of it, and the great thing about it is that when he had freedom of God, Rabbi Nachman gave permission, he left a book of stories that are metaphors and allegories of deep, deep Torah secrets, and he asked That it should be written in Hebrew, but at the bottom or the top, I’m not sure, should be written in Yiddish language because, doesn’t mean that language specifically, because ladies should also be able to learn it.

And take out the advice so you can look at this creative, liberated, Hasidic brilliant piece of brilliance. And he said, it’s for the ladies and there’s so many concepts. So it starts out that, but everyone’s on a journey. So we have a group and we want it together. It’s just like a round table discussion and everyone just takes it out of the great advice there.

The life’s a journey, life’s a journey.

So, what I was talking about, this Rebbe Nachman, he taught the concept of the people worship their image. That’s what I was doing, I didn’t realize it. And it’s written in one of those stories that I was talking, telling you about. There’s 13 stories, the ninth story is called The Simpleton and the Sophisticate. So, the Simpleton’s like happy, he’s He’s a cobbler and he’s selling shoes for people and it’s not coming out so straight.

So he doesn’t worry about his image. And the same cobbler is like, yeah, my wife, thank you for the, for the delicious meat. And all she had, he had was dry piece of meat, a dry piece of bread, excuse me. He had a dry piece of bread and he’s thinking, oh, this tastes delicious, this meat, you know, and the next course is getting bread, but this time it’s like, wow.

Your talent, like, you’re an amazing cook. This dessert tastes heavenly. But, is the other guy, the sophisticate, he’s, like, constantly worshiping his image. So people worship images and it means that they want people to believe what they’re not. And what it is, it’s living in, in lie.

It’s living in a delusion, you know. So that worshipping the image gets a person into a lot of, a lot of stress and depression. And they’re not free to be. Because let’s say I’ll tell you about myself. My mother in law came to visit from all across the ocean, but I happened to have a miscarriage there.

My house wasn’t what I wanted her to believe it was always. I don’t let her in. Get it? I didn’t get it. I did not let her come into my house. So I call that, I gave it like a I call it ABC. And A is worshiping an image is wanting to be perfect, like perfection. Sure. Would never exist anyway, but it enslaves a person.

He has no freedom That’s like when Hashem gave me this gift that I declared myself Not ABC. I’m not an angel. A is an angel. I make mistakes. If Hashem wanted me an angel He would create me an angel and I’m wearing prayers. There’s beautiful prayers. Telling us about how the angels worshiped Hashem perfectly Never make mistakes, never do anything wrong, then we’re perfect.

But how should I meet a human to be able to make mistakes and to also apologize for the mistakes and to say, you know what, maybe one day, one day I want to be better. One day I want to be more in line with what the Torah says we should be. So that’s liberation. The B stands for brilliant, which means like, I always have to say smart things.

So if I say a dumb thing, And i’m devastated like oh, like what are they thinking? I come home after the wedding and I said a dumb thing and i’m just like Obsessing about it. How stupid could I be? You know, so that’s extremely restrictive and the c is for correct like I own always Must be right. So it’s Can you feel like the pressure of this that this creates?

This is like being enslaved. So being liberated is to just know, you know, I need to be corrected Please give me your feedback. I love that. I love the abcs. So let’s just say them again for all of our listeners Let that sink in okay freedom from being an angel freedom from being brilliant and freedom from being correct all the time, right?

Because that need to be perfect is going to get in your way of actually living life, of actually fulfilling your purpose in this world. Because if God wanted you to be perfect, He would have made you perfect, but he obviously didn’t. So we’re not meant to be angels. We’re not meant to be correct all the time.

We’re not meant to be perfect. We are meant to be in this interaction with other people. Sometimes be corrected, sometimes correct others, sometimes, you know, show our weaknesses, sometimes be vulnerable. And all those are gifts for us to really come alive, because that’s when you really are yourself, when you can be imperfect.

Right. So to connect it with, With God, right? God of liberty and freedom. So that’s when you’re really free to be as God wants it. This is what Hashem wants. This is what God wants from us. To be ourselves. To serve Him from our real selves. And not to be worried about what other people think.

Just, can I give a tip? Another tip? Yes, go for it. There’s a second aspect to it and that is an amazing aspect that has to do also with praying because I’m very, I love my prayer book connected with my prayer book. My husband happens to buy every new prayer book that comes out with new explanations.

And there’s one that he. You know, that’s a special one for me. It’s amazing. And I love to learn it while I’m praying. And Hashem sends me beautiful, God sends me beautiful insights along the way. And one of the things, and it matches up to quantum physics, and one of the things that I learned so much is when you’re praying, Like when you’re dreaming, dream big, pray for everything.

And that can only be when you’re not ABC. You know why? Because if I’m brilliant, I’m the most brilliant always, Is there a place for me to ask God for everything? And unfortunately a person like that you won’t get it. He thinks he’s so smart but really he’s not because Rabi Natan, Rabi Natan the primary student of Rabi Natan says a smart person knows that there’s such a vast amount of information out there.

He’ll never know everything. So therefore in a prayer we pray Hashem, please give me Let’s behave smartly, because I want that, right? I can make, I know I can’t without you, so please fill me out. And a lot of prayers are like that, whether it’s for financial stuff, or for even spiritual, to go higher spiritually.

And certainly, there’s a prayer to regret what we did, and to just ask Hashem to forgive us, that’s it, simple. But if I can never make a mistake, I can never ask for forgiveness. And if I’m an angel. I don’t need food. I don’t need anything. And no one can pull me up with that. But Hashem Hashem says also with the prayers we say it, it’s really a verse from Psalms.

And that is, Hashem says, open your mouth and I’ll fill it up. I’ll fill it up with what? With praise to you. I ask Hashem. He gives me. You gotta do it to experience it. There’s another verse in Psalms, I think I’ll end with that and it says Taste

and see that God is good. Now I saw a commentary on that by the Chafetz Chaim and he writes if you’re not going to taste the latest Ice cream or shake not gonna taste like you gotta do it, right? Just do it So you gotta taste that delicious thing of just asking for mashem that god wants us to ask him and he’ll give it to us But if you don’t do it, you’re not gonna know Oh, I love this.

This is such a good point to end with because, you know, God gives you everything you need, but he also gives you wants and he creates that space of lack so that you can turn to him and you can have a relationship. And I love that you said, you know, taste it and see how good God is. Taste that feeling.

of asking God for what you really want, you know, in my calm method, connect to yourself, find what you want, and then turn to God and ask him for that abundance. That’s when you could start to see and listen for the answers and you master a higher level of consciousness. Just by being able to tap into that want to that will to that thing that feels like, Oh, I don’t really need it.

It’s extra. I’m not sure if it’s worthwhile to ask. No, that’s where God wants you. Yes. Ask me and I will show you and then you’re going to be blown away. That’s exactly it. And I love that because it ties right back into freedom and into the freedom that we have within our relationship with God. God is giving us.

The choice, but he’s also giving us the knowledge of how to make that choice. And so it’s very, very clear if you get really honest and really humble, right? We said, ABC, the C is for, you know, being correct all the time. It’s like, if I can be incorrect, if I can just lower that a little bit and be like, I don’t know everything.

And I’m humbled by the fact that you do. And I see that you want me to want. Okay. So let me ask you for that. Let me see how things are going to pan out. That’s when things start to really work and things get easy and things get in flow. And you’re like, Whoa. And you’re living in that space of freedom.

That’s a very free state.

It’s so beautiful. Thank you so much, Sara Yocheved. Tell us where people can find you, how they can work with you how to follow up. Okay. So first thing, thank you for giving me the platform. So I have a website. It’s called Torah Bioenergy dot com T O R A H B I O E N E R G Y dot com. That’s amazing. And all that is going to be linked in the show notes below.

Thank you so much for listening and thank you so much for being here. I am so excited because now we’re in the month of freedom. Now we spoke about freedom with God, freedom of business, freedom of marriage, freedom, and you, how do we really tap into that freedom?

There’s so much golden here. So make sure you tune in for next week’s episode with more amazing guests. And thank you so much for being here. Don’t forget to be connected for real.

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