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Two births happened this year—my seventh child and the Connected for Real Podcast! Multiple births all around. Just kidding! This episode closes Season 1, and discusses the things Rebbetzin Bat-Chen has in store for you, including the Marriage Breakthrough Retreat, her virtual 7-day retreat for married women in business, which coming up on November 8th, 2021. Don’t forget to sign up at to get your free ticket. Stay tuned for season two too. It is going to be even more epic!

01:11 There are 18 episodes per season because it is equivalent to Chai (life)
02:57 Season 2 is going to have juicier topics: inner transformation, marriage, parenting, money, time, being enough, the subconscious, and real life. Are you excited? Let me know if you know anyone who wants to be a guest on the podcast.
03:41 One of the favorite things that Rebbetzin Bat-Chen has ever done in her life is conducting the Marriage Breakthrough Retreat, a 7-day virtual retreat for married women in business, which begins on November 8, 2021! Don’t forget to sign up.
04:23 Learn about the agenda for each day of the Marriage Breakthrough Retreat. It’s going to be epic! Click here to sign up for the retreat.
06:13 Rebbetzin Bat-Chen is motivated to be a good girl and someone people can look up to. She goes all out on this retreat with open hands and love.
07:26 Sign up for the retreat at
08:04 Listen to why it’s going to be another awesome Marriage Breakthrough Retreat. Even if you attended in the past, this upcoming retreat is going to be different and better!
09:18 Each episode was repurposed from Facebook Live/YouTube conversations because Rebbetzin Bat-Chen gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.
09:47 Rebbetzin Bat-Chen breaks down each episode and talks about her experience and takeaways from her guests.
20:50 Did you know that the awesome conversations Rebbetzin Bat-Chen had with her guests were only on YouTube and Facebook Live, but she was able to convert her videos to episodes because it was her dream to have a podcast. Season 2 is going to be so much fun!

Marriage Breakthrough Retreat
5 Surprising Ways to Improve Your Marriage

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Welcome to the Connected For Real Podcast! I’m Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman, a marriage coach for women in business, and my mission is to bring God’s presence into your life, into your marriage, and into your business. Let’s get started.

And we are live. Welcome to Episode 18 of the Connected for Real Podcast. I’m also doing this live on my YouTube and my Facebook because I recorded something like seven times yesterday and it just didn’t come out right. I just realized that it’s because I’m not doing it live and I have the option of stopping and re-recording, and so I am not giving myself that option and I am doing it live, and I need you to be here and support me through it. So let’s go! Super excited.

I chose 18 because it’s the equivalent of Chai, which is life, and I chose that number to be the number of episodes per season. So, we are done with season one, and this is pretty much a trailer for Season 2, so stay tuned because I’m gonna tell you what is coming, but first let’s talk about what was. I had a baby and I had a baby pretty much the same time as this podcast launched so I’m super excited. I had multiple births all around. Just kidding. I had one amazing beautiful baby boy, and if you want to hear more about my birth, my postpartum, my pregnancy, all that good stuff, let me know because I am considering making a podcast episode just about that because there’s a ton to say.  Let me know send me a message. You can find me on Instagram and on Facebook @connectedforreal, and you can also text me, email me—find me.

So what was is that I had a baby and it was right before the summer break. So then we had summer break and then we had the holidays, and now it is finally time to come back to life. The kids are back at school. My baby is a little bit older and he’s sleeping in the stroller. It just feels great to be back. I’m very excited. Am I overwhelmed? Yes, a little bit, especially since I’m like trying to do things and I’m sort of subconsciously holding myself back because I’m scared of going back, but I am moving forward by just doing it. So here I am doing it, and I am very excited.

So what is to come is Season 2. In Season 2, we are going to be talking about the most juicy topics. We’re gonna have a lot about inner transformation, marriage, parenting, money, time, being enough, the subconscious, and real life as a woman because that is just how it is. Especially if you are married and in business, you know that there is a lot in life and we’re gonna try and find the most helpful and productive tools, tips, and ideas to get you through it.

What else is coming is the retreat—the Marriage Breakthrough Retreat, which is one of my favorite things that I’ve ever done in my life. I did it twice before the baby, once in February and once in April. It was epic. The feedback was amazing. It was the most intense and transformational thing I’ve ever done and I am super excited about it. It’s a seven day retreat. There’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday then a break, and then Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. We start November 8th and I’m super excited. Day one is going to be all about connecting to yourself. Day two is Align and Ask for Abundance. Day three is Listen and Receive the Answers, so we’re actually gonna get answers so make sure you come to that. Day four is Master a high level of consciousness, which is my favorite day, as you know. Day five is after the break. So as I said, four days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then we have Friday, Saturday as a break, and I have to make sure you come back so I made day five the most juicy, and it’s Evolve and Enhance Your Intimacy and it is such a good day. I cannot tell you how many people said it completely transformed their lives. You know, it’s amazing. If you want to go see, just look on the website and go down, down, down all the way to the testimonials. I did not make any of those up. It is amazing and it blows me away to hear how many people have been touched by this, and I didn’t put all the testimonials up because there’s just too many and also some people didn’t give permission, but those who did—and some are anonymous some have names—it is incredible, incredible, incredible. Day six is Design the Atmosphere in your Home because I want you to really go out of this retreat with something practical, and I want you to really feel well-rounded and well-grounded. Day seven is bringing it all together with questions and answers. It’s, in my opinion, the best day. Actually I’ve said that about many days. I built it this way because I have so much to say and I can’t just do a webinar or something, you know? It’s really hard.

One of the things that I realized in my journey over here is that I want to be a good girl because I’m the oldest and I’m just that type. Also the Rabbi’s daughter—it sort of works all together to motivate me to be good, right? So I want to be that good girl, the one everybody looks up to, and do the things according to the way they’re supposed to be done. So, in the beginning when I started my business, it was all about give this freebie and get people to give you their email, do this webinar, and give people taste but don’t actually give them what they need. I hated those things. I was doing some of them and realized they were not working for me until I found what does work for me. What works for me is just to give it. Give it all with a full heart with open hands, just loving because the way that it feels to hear the breakthroughs that people are going through is totally worth it, and believe me people still buy in so I’m not worried. I want you to get this completely for free and to feel the transformation because it’s worth it. I want you to take this really seriously. So if you want to sign up for the retreat, which you should—I know I have said that but I really want to make sure you do this go to That’s Connected for Real, and there’s going to be the story of why I chose that if you’d like, but anyway You put in your email and your name, you press send, and you will get an email with everything you need to know about the retreat. Put it in your calendar. Make sure you are coming because it is going to be awesome. Why it’s going to be so awesome—I’ll tell you it’s because I am not a [HEBREW], you know? I’m not going to be retelling you everything I’ve already said in the past, so those of you who have been at the retreat or attended some of the days, you’re going to want to come to this one because I have transformed so much through this pregnancy, birth, and post-birth that I am showing up differently and I’m showing up with new and improved things to say. So I do not expect this to be a copy-paste and neither should you. I am super excited about it because it is awesome now.

I’m going to take some time to say hello to all the people who commented. Hi Miriam! So good to see you. Ooh, Lilach is here. “Super amazing. It’s an amazing retreat.” Yes, it is. Lilach has been to all of my retreats and she can tell you, yes. “You need to come to that retreat, guys. I really enjoy it and my thing changed for me. Thank you for that, Bat-Chen.” You are welcome, Miriam. I’m so happy. Miriam says you have to come so now you know. Do it. Go sign up

Now, if you’re interested in the podcast, which I’m recording right now—it feels really good to record real in real time. It really does and I’m so happy you guys came to cheer me on because the first season was repurposed. It was pretty much all of the lives that I’ve done before, during the pregnancy, and we put them up in the podcast because we wanted those of you who haven’t heard them to hear them. They’re amazing. I’ll tell you a little bit about what there was.

There was Survive to Thrive with Becky. She was incredible and I love listening to that. Even listening a couple times, I keep getting new things.

We had one about Child Loss and Candace was absolutely amazing. It was so inspirational and it wasn’t depressing at all, even though I expected it to be and I’m a type of person who really likes to be happy, so I was worried about that but it was so moving, inspirational, and motivational, and it really gave me a lot of light so I want you to go and check that out.

Episode number three was Opposites Attract and Duality with Georgina. Georgina was so fun and it’s one of my favorite topics because what life is all about is finding yourself within all these dualities and figuring out what to do with them.

Episode number 4 was with Ghesi, and it was about her breast cancer journey, and there were so many nuggets of gold there. One of my favorite things that she said was just take responsibility for your own well-being—was woo just for a person who went through so much to be able to say that and really live it was amazing.

Episode five was with Debi Sluys and it was all about vision boards. I actually really enjoyed speaking with her then and ever since then I’ve also spoken with her again. Not live, but we keep in touch and there’s just so much goodness.  If you’re into vision boards and want to know how they work and what she does differently than other people— actually you could watch it on YouTube but listen to it on the podcast.

Episode number 6 was Work-life Balance and how it’s just a myth. It was with Devora Gila. It was—I’m gonna just keep telling you, all mine are incredible because we took all of the lives and I don’t remember if it was 28 or 30, we put them all together and took out the best ones that we thought were most applicable to you.

Episode number 7 was Learning Your Power in Marriage with Leora Mandel. Worth a listen. Leora is my friend and she’s local. It was really fun to hear from her in a very honest way, about what she thinks of what I’m doing because we talk a lot—often because we’re local and our kids are together in school. She’s incredible. She’s doing so much incredible stuff in the world. I’m so proud of her and it just feels really nice to have that support, so go listen to that. It’s really fun.

Episode number 8 is with Chana Mason, and it was one of the first ones I ever did so it was very cute. You can listen to it, but it was right before one of her courses and we were talking about manifesting your dreams and the ability to really be alive, and I love that. So, if that interests you go listen to that.

Episode number nine was one of my favorites because it was one of the funniest, and if you are into funny this is totally it. It was with Svietka, and she is an interior designer who is so funny and so fun. Her whole topic was Rejoice When He Doesn’t Care and it was all about when you’re doing construction and your husband doesn’t care what color or what thing. Instead of getting all annoyed like, “You don’t care blah blah blah.” Be like, “Thank you. Okay, I’ll make my decision myself,” and that’s when you can really thrive is when you get that he just wants you to be happy.

It was such a great conversation in Episode 10. We talked about money and money and marriage with the Yael Trusch. I’m actually going to be on her podcast speaking about that very soon so stay tuned and I will send it to you in the emails if you sign up for the email updates.  it was a great conversation and Yael too is just incredible.

Here we are—episode 11. Episode 11 was before I gave birth and it was with Ayelet Schwell and it was before I knew she was going to be in my doula. That is one of the coolest stories in my life Ayelet Schwell is one of the people I met in the first ever [HEBREW] conference, which is a conference for women in business in Jerusalem.  I really like going to networking things. Ayelet was there and we totally hit it off, and then we kept in touch by phone because she lived up north  and when we went up north, we went to visit her. We went out together and our kids got to know each other. Then when they came down here, they came to visit also, and we had lasagna. It was a lot of fun. I made the best lasagna. I remember it so clearly. Isn’t that funny—the things you remember? So Ayelet Schwell is a doula, and her specialty is obviously helping women birth, but her main thing, which I love, is her ability to help women process their births after the birth or prepare for the birth before the birth so that they could be easily processed. So one of my dreams for already three babies was to hire her as a doula but she was way more expensive than the other doulas and that’s because she’s way more professional or has certain things that she offers that other people don’t offer, but it just didn’t work out for the last two. Actually, for the last one because it was when my sixth one was born that I was looking into it. So anyway, I didn’t hire her for my sixth and then when I decided to have a home birth with my seventh, I was not going to have a doula because I was already paying for the midwife, and then suddenly the midwife says to me, “Is it okay if I bring my friend, a doula? She wants to be at the home birth,” and Ayelet Schwell turns out to be the one, and I just felt like God gave me a gift, the best thing I could have asked for and they were the best team anybody could ever imagine. It was so fun. I really enjoyed having her. So anyway, this conversation that we posted on the podcast and we recorded before when I was pregnant, was before I even knew that she was going to be my doula that it was also when I wasn’t telling people I was going to have a home birth because I realized that too many people were negative about it and it was making me really uncomfortable just having to constantly explain myself, so I stopped. [Laughs] I wasn’t hiding it but I wasn’t being all myself about it and I could tell you more about that in the episode about birth.

Episode number 12 is Prioritizing Yourself and it’s with Franciska, who has an amazing podcast and I was actually on her podcast a long time ago empowering to women, especially musicians.  It’s really, really fun to have such awesome people in my life.

Episode 13. One of my friends from the accountability group said, “Listeners don’t know you and don’t really get to hear your side of the story.” So, so awesome. She got to interview me and she’s a great interviewer, and we talk about the intimacy master class, which by the way doesn’t exist anymore because it’s now part of my Mastermind. Once a month, we address intimacy so we end up in you know really integrating all of it all together. If you’re interested in the Mastermind, you can talk to me and if you sign up before the retreat you get a special price so make sure to do that.

Episode 14 was with my mother and was the most popular episode. Everybody who said I listened to your podcast said, “I heard the one with your mother and it was incredible,” and there’s so much, so much in it. Devora, one of my friends, sent me a message saying she is not a woman in business and so she thought she would not be the right type or the right listener to hear my podcast but because she knows me, she decided to listen anyway and she has learned so much. She says it’s totally for her. It’s exactly what she needs to hear and she’s so happy she’s listening. So she is going through and binging on the podcast and this is the first one she heard, and said it was so good.  She’s not the only one, by the way. It just feels really fun to have my mother on and hear how supportive she is  and just  how fun it is to have a mom who’s also doing something in the world. It’s fun.

Episode 15 was Time Management with Helen and it was pretty awesome because ever since that episode—that was also one of the older episodes.  Ever since we had that conversation, I feel like I’ve learned so much so maybe I should have her again because it was really awesome. I would love to know from you  which take away when you listen to it because there’s so much in there. I’m really interested in what touched for you. What was touching? Okay, so episode 16 is with Sheryl and it was so great to have somebody so big, you know? She is a real leader. Somebody asked me, “How do you get all these people on your podcast?” They’re real people. They’re the real thing. They’re not just beginners or whatever. It’s just incredible. God sends me the most amazing people and I get to interview them and hear their stories and really let them shine, which is one of the things that I love to do.

By the way, if you know anybody who you want me to interview, let me know because Season 2 is not fully booked yet but I do know that there are already a bunch of really amazing people lined up. So just make an introduction. Send me a message. Send them a message. Say, “I want you guys to meet. I think you would be a good fit,” and I would love to connect with them and see if they would be the right type, the right fit for my podcast.

Okay, so Episode 16 by the way was Navigating Your Way back to Your Inner Compass During Times of Uncertainty, and we did that obviously during corona, which we’re not over yet but we definitely are still dealing with, so go and listen to that. Now, Episode 17 is coming out today,  and then this is Episode 18. So let me know what your favorite episode is.

Lilach says, “A podcast!” Yes, a podcast. I’m so excited to have a podcast because for a long time it was just on YouTube and Facebook, just because it’s just so much easier to press go live and do it, but I really feel like when it’s in a podcast, when it’s in the app, it’s easier to listen to. It just comes to you. It waits for you and this way you don’t miss anything. Even though you can’t see me, you know that you can if you want to by going to the YouTube channel and really just looking it up.

So to conclude this amazing, amazing episode and live, thank you so much for coming. Thank you for listening. Thank you for commenting Miram, Lilach, and everyone else who didn’t comment but was here. Thank you to all of you who are listening. I want to urge you again to connect, to go to and sign up for the retreat, and to let me know who you want on the podcast for season two what you want to talk about, what topics are the most interesting to you, and if you heard any of the podcast episodes. Let me know. That’s it. Signing off. I love you guys. Don’t forget, you can be connected for real. Love you.

Hi! This is Tova Rina Schiff. I attended two of Rebbetzin Bat-Chen’s Marriage Breakthrough Retreats. She takes you a very smooth 7-day journey together with like-minded woman, who all wanna bring balance to their marriage. She has homework and a personalized phone meeting, and other amazing bonuses, and through the 7 days, Bat-Chen helps you change your habits and patterns one small, simple step at a time on a short 7 days. I highly, highly recommend this Marriage Breakthrough Retreat, and I cannot wait to see you there.

Hi everyone! It’s Sheryl Puterman, Founder and CEO of Nourishment Vitality. We specialize in stress and in anxiety management, as well as holistic weight management. I’d like to give a huge shoutout to Rebbetzin Bat-Chen, who is such an amazing and a wise woman providing and adding value to women all over the world, both personally and professionally. If you haven’t just yet signed up for her upcoming retreat in November, do so. You’ll be happy that you did and you’ll gain tremendous insight.

The Marriage Breakthrough Retreat—my free virtual retreat. It’s 7 days of one hour a day on Zoom, where we go really, really deep and transform your relationship with yourself, your husband, and God. Make sure you sign up at to get your free ticket.

And that’s it! Thank you for listening to the very end. I would love if you can leave a review and subscribe to the podcast. Those are things that tell the algorithm, this is a good podcast and make sure to suggest it to others. Wouldn’t it be amazing if more people became more connected for real? And now, take a moment and think of someone who might benefit from this episode. Can you share it with them? I am Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman from Thank you so much for listening, and don’t forget, you can be connected for real.

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