Presenting the new podcast by Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman:

The Connected For Real Podcast!

What can you expect?

Let’s start with what I’m expecting… a baby… in just a couple of weeks!

Yup, that means I’m launching (read: birthing) a podcast at the perfect time for me to take a break and repurpose some of the most awesome content from my LIVE shows that I’ve been hosting for the last year and a half on YouTube and Facebook Live.

Every interview is filled with fun, inspirational, practical, and real conversations with experts and professionals in their fields. We talk about how “real life” affects your marriage and what to do to align your marriage to your success and purpose.

Don’t worry, it will be awesome! I’ll be back for season two with fresh new episodes before you know it.

Who it’s for?

You know this is for you if you ended up here… I know not everyone is a woman, or in business… and I’m glad you are here supporting me in my journey!

My focus is on God-centered married women in business because I am one, and I speak from my experience and what works for me.

How can you help?



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