Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman

Turn your relationship around by connecting to yourself!

Your husband is a decent guy, it’s just that he is getting on your nerves. You’re usually able to keep a positive outlook but deep down inside, when it gets really quiet, you wish you could fix him… or tweak him a bit. 

You have a job, or a business, DREAMS… but he is the reason you are still small. You have ideas and you’re working on your growth but he is holding you back.

You’ve tried talking to him hoping he’d get on your team. You’ve tried nagging and pushing. You’ve tried e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, but you still feel stuck!

Your conversations with him are shallow and technical, meanwhile, you are loving the high-energy engaging conversations with the people in your other circles.  

"I was secretly wishing for someone, maybe his Rabbi or a good friend, to just tell him already that he is too controlling, too critical and not helping enough.
Rebbetzin Bat-Chen helped me see things differently in one sitting. Since then, everything turned around. Looking back, I'm embarrassed to even say these were my thoughts!"

You CAN fix it!

No, you can’t fix your husband! But you can definitely turn the situation around! 

In our coaching sessions, you’ll get the exact steps and practical actions to help you feel free!

  • Stop feeling trapped or controlled by your husband.
  • Be supported in your dreams and ambitions.
  • Feel connected for real to the man you married! 
  • Have control over your life.

You’ll see your husband in a new way. You’ll also see yourself differently. Most importantly you’ll know exactly what to do. No more guessing or following formulas that work for other people! 

You’ll also know exactly what to do when the clarity wears off and you start feeling frustrated again! 

You’ll walk out with a smile, feeling excited about this new shift in your relationship. This time, you’ll have what you need to make a difference and make it stick!

"Totally unsolicited plug, but her approach really works. And yes, in one session she helped me cut through some complex family issues and change course"
Leah Aharoni
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I'm Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman, an advisor living in Israel

I help ambitious women find peace in their marriage.

My website, along with my YouTube videos, workshops and shiurim have been gaining momentum by helping women take charge of their happiness and feel connected for real.

"I was excited to finally live again without having to walk carefully on egg shells around my husband."
New York

About the session:

The duration of the session is 90 minutes. We’ll meet virtually over Zoom, a video chat application.
As a framework, I use “The Work” by Byron Katie which guides us through every step of the process smoothly and concisely and ends on a positive and practical note.

The coaching sessions are a transformation and a growth process. This is not therapy or marriage counseling. It’s a methodology to get you out of your frustration and into yourself.  

Life is all about growing and developing and these sessions was created to put you on your feet and push you in the right direction so you know exactly what to do next.

In addition you’ll receive email access and a 30-minute follow up call within a month of our session.

You’ll get a whole new way of looking at things! The ability to turn it all around & The exact steps to take action!

"I tried solving my anxiety problem for two years! I tried an 8-week course, I paid for private therapy, and nothing worked! I was blown away when - in one sitting with Rebbetzin Bat-Chen - I walked out feeling confident and calm!"
"I came to get help with an educational problem I had with my son. After less than two hours, the reality didn't change, but my perception about the problem took a 180 degree turn. This isn't magic, it's embarking on a new journey inner work. Rebbetzin Bat-Chen guides the work and helps focus the process while giving lots of great practical tips along the way."
Laura Cohen