Torah LeMaaseh
Your words are arranged with "fine discernment and knowledge," and shed light on the possibility that, with God's help, we will merit speedily and in our days to eat of the Paschal and festival offerings in holiness and in purity.
Rabbi David Lau
Chief Rabbi of Israel
Blessed is Rabbi Grossman who excited the hearts with this masterpiece, which he wrote with such precision and appealing grace.
Rabbi Moshe Tzuriel
Bnei Brak, Israel


I don’t mean the city, but the complete and revealed Jerusalem, what we have all been yearning and praying for for 2-0-0-0 YEARS! 
When your kids ask you “what’s really different this year then all the others”, you will be ready with a REAL ANSWER!
With this Haggadah you can shift your usual “seder full of place-holders” to a meaningful and moving Seder YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY WILL NEVER FORGET!
Why? This is not your run-of-the-mill, here’s what we gotta do because we don’t have the Korban Pesach (Paschal Offering) yet, kind of a Haggadah! 
This Haggadah is the only Haggadah you’ll be allowed to use at your Passover seder in Jerusalem with a Korban Pesach at the table.
The Breakdown of the Haggadah: 
The first part is a compilation of essays explaining and preparing for the new reality. Reading these essays will answer lots of questions and get you into the real Passover spirit. 
The second section is the Haggadah itself. Exactly as it will be conducted. You’ll notice some text is in PURPLE – for new text that you have never gotten to say before! 
The wait is over…get ready, get set, and go get yourself a copy (or 5) for the most impactful, paradigm-shifting, unforgettable Seder of your life!
Yes, I want a Pesach for Real!
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