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The Marriage Mastermind is the only all-in-one mastermind for God-centered women who want to make an enormous impact in the world with their Divinely-given gifts.

The Marriage Mastermind is the only program in the world for the married woman in business who wants to:

  • Light up the world with her God-given gifts.
  • Amplify and share her message with ease and confidence.
  • Enjoy her husband’s company like never before.
  • Create a truly supportive space that will fuel her success
  • Enhance her intimacy.

This program is for you if:

  • You know you have a legacy to build, a difference to make in the world, but are frustrated with the lack of support and emotional backing from your husband.
  • You love SERVING your people and want to align your other aspects of your life so you can truly lean into your purpose, deliver value, and make a difference every step of the way without burning out or feeling conflicted.
  • Your marriage is important to you and you know it can get way better, deeper, and more intimate and meaningful.
  • You want the practical, step-by-step advice so you can know exactly what to do to react properly and stay grounded.

In The Marriage Mastermind You Will:

Connect on a deeper level to yourself and others

Rely on God and learn to receive abundance with ease

Align your marriage to your success & purpose

Prepare yourself to handle anything that arrises

What exactly is included in the program:

Master Your Mindset

Weekly sessions to weed out all the negative beliefs animating your life behind the scenes so you don’t have to be weighed down anymore. 

Practical Tools

Weekly problem-solving sessions that set you up with step-by-step practical tools to succeed in the heat-of-the-moment.

1:1 Support & Accountability

You will have your own dedicated accountability coach you meet with every month, and check-in with weekly so that you have someone who has your back to make sure you don’t fall between the cracks.

Incredible Community

Yes, you are the sum of the 5 people around you. You grow by osmosis. Put yourself in a room with people who will pull you forward, not backward, and make a new set of business-besties!

Anytime Support

You have access to an exclusive Facebook Group and Whatsapp Group where you can ask questions 24/7.

Business Mastermind

Once a month we will meet for a business mastermind power-hour where we all get to brainstorm, ask for help, get advice, and lean on each other for collaborations and support.

…in a nutshell, this is the only program that includes 

• God-consciousness at its core, 

• Marriage transformation, and

• Business mastermind 

so you have everything you need in one place!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My husband is totally not interested in doing much. Will I be able to do this without his involvement? 

A: Yes, you can single-handedly transform your marriage. 
In fact, It’s the only sustainable way I’ve found to truly change the situation and create the life you desire. By taking responsibility for your happiness and owning your choices, you can really grow in all aspects of your life *and* the people around you will only benefit.

Q: I tried therapy and counseling and nothing worked, will this be right for me?

A: Yes, our job is to find what works for us, and once we find it – we should cling to it. I have found what works for me, and I share it openly in hopes of helping others. I am a God-centered Marriage Coach, not a therapist or counselor. The approach in this program is holistic and value based. 

Q: I’m not married, can I join anyway?

A: No, the Marriage Mastermind is for married women only. 

Q: I’m not in business, I’m a professional. can I join anyway?

A: Yes. The Marriage Mastermind is for women in business or in high-achieving professions.