You don't have to choose!
God wants you to have it all!

Which Mastermind is right for you?!

Grow Business
+ Marriage

You’re ready to grow your business, make more money & work smarter by aligning to God’s Will.

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You are ready to raise the level of closeness and emotional intimacy in your marriage.

You are ready for a full integration where your marriage and business are in FLOW and you are supported and held while you smoothly contain all the parts of your life!


The FLOW mastermind is the only 12-month program that focuses on business, marriage, G-d, and YOU, so you can be a vessel for all the blessing in your life.



Mindset + Practical + Aligned

$997/month for 12 months


  $9970 Pay in full and save!

Self Fulfillment
+ Marriage

You’re ready to transform your shaky marriage into the marriage you always wanted.

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You are ready to have more fun, feel more alive and become the best version of yourself.

You are ready for a full transformation where your marriage can FLY while you become happier and more alive!

 Learn tools, develop mindsets, and implement principles to create emotional intimacy and closeness. 

The FLY mastermind is the only 6-month program that focuses on marriage, G-d, and YOU, so you can be a vessel for all the blessing in your life.



Your marriage CAN be better. 

$997/month for 6 months


  $4985 Pay in full and save!

New Business
+ Marriage

You’re ready to start your online business, lean into your gifts and make money.

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You are ready to create closeness and emotional intimacy in your marriage.

You are ready for guidance to FIND your idea, figure out the how, and take action towards your financial goals while you create the structure and support for your marriage to thrive along-side. 


The FIND mastermind is the only 9-month program that focuses on marriage, business, G-d, and YOU, so you can be a vessel for all the blessing in your life.



Mindset + Practical + Aligned


$997/month for 6 months


  $4985 Pay in full and save!


“Her content is life-changing.”

“If you’re a married businesswoman juggling being a mom and wife with your work in the business sector, I highly recommend this. Rebbetzin Bat-Chen is so relaxing to listen to! She connects with each member in the group with sensitivity and love. We felt safe. The content was very high-class and super applicable. If you’re not sure, let me tell you: This woman is gifted. She knows what she’s talking about and her content is life-changing. I encourage you to get in touch with Rebbetzin Bat Chen- she is amazing!”

  • Virginia, Ireland

“The only mastermind I took that focused on the non-business parts of my life while setting my business up for more success.”

“Before I joined FLOW, I felt stuck. I was making enough to cover my expenses, but not enough to have the life and freedom I dreamed of. I felt beholden to my clients, and ended up giving them more time than I wanted to. I didn’t get to see enough of my husband and kids and I certainly wasn’t taking care of myself. When Rebbetzin Bat Chen spoke about helping business women grow themselves and aligning all the pieces of their lives, I knew I needed this. I’ve taken a ton of other business masterminds, but none of them spoke to the other parts of my life. I didn’t want to wait for the ‘perfect’ time because I knew it didn’t exist. The FLOW Mastermind was exactly what I needed. It really helped me ‘unstuck’ myself, my marriage, and my relationship with G-d.”

  • Temima Gass, Israel

What exactly do I get?

Master Your Mindset

Weekly sessions focusing on the 4 pillars 
(G-d, Marriage, Business, You)


Each call includes a guided visualization/meditation, a practical way to implement the information discussed, and actionable steps to focus on next.

1:1 VIP Support

Whatsapp access and VIP private sessions with Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman

Discuss and detangle your private issues and always have who to turn to for advice! Help is always a DM away.

Incredible Community

Dedicated Whatsapp group for support and accountability

Become part of the collective energy working to light up the world and make your new set of besties as a bonus!

What else is included?

  • Meditation Library

    • Use this valuable resource to align and ground yourself whenever you need a boost. All previous meditation exercises are included, with new ones added each week.

  • Archive of previous sessions

    • Sometimes you can’t make a live coaching call (or you want to refresh your memory). All sessions and special trainings are recorded for 24/7 access while part of the mastermind.

Guest speakers on specific topics.
    • Learn time-management, parenting, money mindset, EFT tapping, goal-setting, branding, content, and more from our expert guest speakers.


Every decision I make in my business is guided by God. (and that’s what I teach you to do in your business too!). 

When I was designing the program and was faced with the question of price, I got a very strong gut feeling and a clear pull to charge a thousand dollars a month for a year (that’s a total of $12,000 or 10k for those who pay in full) partially because that’s what I payed for the coaching program that gave me a real quantum leap in my business and personal life (and gave me a 300% return on investment). But mostly because it felt really aligned with the value I was providing in the God connection, the marriage, the business and the quality of life. 

In the beginning I questioned that feeling, and tried to discount the offer to suit those who can’t afford it, and every time God pulled me back up and showed me why it NEEDS to be this way. At this point in the process (we are successfully into the second year and seeing the amazing results) I’m convinced it’s the right price. I might raise it in the future, but for now it feels really good (both to me and to those who join)

That being said, If this is NOT the right time for you to be investing in yourself, I totally get it. I have a ton of free resources out there for you to still grow and develop yourself and your marriage for FREE. Make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram (that’s my favorite “social” place to be). 

Remember, your husband is your partner and wants to make sure you are thriving as much as you do. 

Let’s get practical: Use the CALM method.

C- Connect to yourself (Do I really want this mastermind?) No use in approaching your husband if you are not 100% committed to your own process. Sit down with yourself and really connect to what you want and where you want to go.

A- Ask for abundance (Turn to God. Ask for guidance! He’s the source of everything and he is The creator, so he can come up with creative ways to make this possible for you! Don’t limit Him – He’s limitless!

L- Listen for the answer (You’ll get clues through reality. Your job is to notice the ‘bread-crumbs’ and follow them. Become attentive and aware so you can connect the dots to the answers!)

M- Master a higher level of consciousness (Once you get the clarity you prayed for, make sure to take action, celebrate, thank, and spread God’s light. It’s your job to use the experience as fuel  to propel you forward.) 

Back to asking your husband –  only after you do step 1 and 2 (connect to yourself and ask God for guidance) only then can you aproach your husband, tell him how you feel and how committed you are. Be real. Be honest. Be open. Be confident!

Remember, He is on your team and he is a part of your journey. Your husband is a huge part of your life and your marriage matters to you. That’s why you are doing this. To be the best version of yourself. This is a win-win all around. 

Be open to listening to God’s answer. After all, it’s all from Him anyway. If your husband is open to it, you know it’s the right direction. If he’s closed to it, that’s an answer too! 

Recieve the answer gracefully. IT’S ALL FROM GOD!

I totally get it! I have seven children between the ages of 1 and 16, I run my business from home (a blessing or a curse?), and I try to snatch a couple of quiet minutes with my husband when I can (yeah, the barefut marriage coach… I know!) all while going to my weekly yoga class and water-aerobics (my two favorite ways to move) and going to sleep on time (my goal for this year). 

This is exactly why I created this program! 

Instead of saying “my plate is too full – let me take some things off of it to make some space” I want you to realize that YOU CAN GET A BIGGER PLATE!!! 

You can grow your capacity to contain ALL the blessings in your life. 

You can make room to receive WAY more abundance. 

You can allow for more – while working less and letting it be easy!

Let me show you how!

You will be amazed!

Now practically, You only have to show up ONCE A WEEK for ONE HOUR. That’s it! 

I’ve designed this mastermind to help you sustainably grow your marriage, business, and capacity – and then to master that higher level of consciousness while you are living life. No need to press the pause button and stop everything – you are busy for a reason! 

You are doing great things! 

I want you to do more of that with ease! Let me help you find the unique tweaks that will move the needle for you and help you break through!

Therapy and counseling have a very important role and I see their importance in professionally addressing real red-flag situations. 

Coaching is different in that it’s 

Forward facing. 

Goal oriented. 

Result based. 

I worry less about WHY you got here, I care more about HOW to get you to where you want to go. That’s my job!


Another difference is symptoms vs the root. 

Imagine your suffering is a tall building 

Therapy spends a lot of time taking down one floor at a time, session after session you slowly see movement. 

Coaching is all about finding the foundation (the root festering the symptoms) and blowing that up – causing the entire building to come crumbling down.

All the masterminds are hybrid. You get weekly group sessions AND individual 1:1 sessions as well as recorded trainings and a meditation library.

Back in the beginning when I was just starting out, I offered only a one-on-one process. I felt that marriage was so delicate and intimate that it could only be done privately. I was wrong. 

As I met with more and more women on a weekly basis I realized they were all going through the same things, and they all felt they were the only ones experiencing those things. It was a very lonely and isolated place to be.

I realized it was a real shame I couldn’t put them all in the same room (or at least the same Zoom room) – Until it hit me! I CAN! 

I get to build my offer any way that feels aligned for me, and this felt so aligned that I redesigned my program to provide the best of all worlds. 


You get

→ Weekly group sessions for the collective energy, community and support.

→ The one-on-one space for intimate conversations that are unique to you. 

→ Trainings and Guest speakers available 24/7 for your personal enrichment.

→ The meditation library so you have a place to turn for clarity, guidance and inspiration any time. 

→ Direct access to me for check-ins, accountability and quick questions. 


Everything you need in one place.

Before founding Connected for Real, I 

  • Earned a degree in graphic design from Pratt Institute
  • Built a successful business (graphic design)
  • Underwent extensive training in mindset work
  • Became an expert in The Work by Byron Katie
  • Earned a degree in Humanities
  • Became a marriage coach
  • Invested thousands of dollars in mindset and business coaching
  • Helped women for over 20 years.

I began the FLOW, FLY, & FIND masterminds to help extraordinary G-d centered women find harmony, fulfillment, and connection in all areas of their lives. 

To date, I’ve helped hundreds of women thrive through my virtual retreats, private coaching, and group masterminds.

All the masterminds are for married women only, so

→  if you are not married, your only option is one-on-ones. [schedule a consultation here]



The big question is – What do you really want?

You may fit into multiple categories, but what matters is your immediate goal. 

  • Is your marriage shaky? Weak? Unstable? Uneasy? Technical? Unsatisfactory? Disconnected? [join FLY]
  • Is your goal to find your purpose and lean into your gifts but you don’t know where to begin or how to start in a way that will preserve the peace? [join FIND]
  • Do you already have a business, and you want to re-align, find ways to let it be easy, learn to delegate and allow for more abundance in a way that feels good to you? [join FLOW]


Still not sure? Let’s talk! [schedule a consultation]

Congratulations! You are human. 

You would be an alien if you weren’t feeling scared!

Making a decision to take action towards your goals automatically means you are getting out of your comfort zone, and your brain’s job is to keep you nice and safe – so it turns on the fear.


Thank your brain for protecting you. It’s doing it’s best to keep you nice and comfortable in the KNOWN. Take a deep breath and know that this is a big step towards your new reality. 

It’s scary – but it’s awesome! 

Staying small is not an option anymore. You know you are ready!


This is your time to gather all your courage (and feel free to borrow some of my confidence for you) to take action!

I believe in you – God believes in you (that’s why you are reading this, He guided you to this point, He will continue to guide you always)

It all started when I was in the beginning of my journey and I was searching for a mastermind to join. I found that everything out there was living in a vacuum. It was either only this or only that!


Zooming in on just business or just marriage or just G-d doesn’t work. 


There had to be a way to integrate ALL the pieces and break through the barriers.

I created Connected for Real to help women like you:


  • Connect to God – Create a higher level of inner spiritual awareness so you can bring God into every part of your life and make yourself into a vessel for His abundance.
  • Connect to your husband – Create the emotional and physical intimacy that you desire so your marriage can be deeper and more enjoyable.
  • Connect to your purpose – Get the mindset and tools for expanded business growth, so you can succeed without sweat, blood, and sacrifice
  • Connect to yourself – Achieve personal transformation and growth, so you take charge of the things you can change and let go of those you can’t


You don’t have to choose. You CAN have it all.

There are no refunds, and I’ll tell you why –

I want you to commit to yourself 100% and burn all your bridges to your suffering. There is no turning back! 


Hold the fear by the hand and take it along for the ride – but don’t let it drive! Don’t let fear control your life!


You deserve to feel A-MA-ZING!

You are here to shine!

You will not give up on yourself!


– and I, as your coach, am here to keep you accountable. 

This is the first step of my job!


If you need a guarantee, I can only guarantee one thing –

You will become the person you are meant to become!



Because you have come so far so quickly


And that only happens when you commit 100% with no way of turning back. 


Not convinced? 

Think of all the times you sort-of committed, but had a back door unlocked in case of emergency. Your brain will chicken out when it’s most crucial. 


You don’t want that roller-coaster of ‘flying-high then crashing low’ anymore! You are ready for real change that sticks and lasts! 

This is the only way. Trust me on this one!

Great! All questions welcome. 

My goal is to help you get clarity! Yes – Yes! No-No! (Either way I did my job… so Win-Win!)

You can send an email to or 

Schedule a consultation to get all your questions answered.