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 Sunday, December 17
1 pm NY | 8 pm Israel

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Is your marriage actually good?

You know those people who seem to have a perfect marriage on the outside, but on the inside it’s all empty? [And usually we don’t know until it’s too late!] WHAT HAPPENED?

Turns out the core connection is lacking. 

That authentic intimate bond is missing.

And dealing with shame, resentment, or awkwardness in the bedroom are the obstacles that allow it to snowball…

Is your marriage sort of fine?

You may be FINE and your marriage could be OK during regular times when life is serene, but as soon as turbulence hits, you feel alone, not in the mood, and emotionally exhausted!

During extremely difficult and traumatic times – anxiety, worries, and pain naturally take a front row seat and the last thing you want is to have to do another “chore.” 

Is it possible to strengthen your marriage to be ROCK SOLID, so it can support you through tough times – and create stability and safety?

Imagine feeling...

So safe with your husband you can openly express yourself and how you feel (and even cry). 

Interested in intimacy because YOU want it and not because you have to do it (and it actually feels good!)

Authentically you without fear of judgement or rejection. 

Clear about the specific steps you need to take to increase emotional connection, desire and pleasure.

Are You Ready?

Deepen your connection in an authentic way

Feel successful behind closed doors

Create a ROCK SOLID marriage

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LIVE  on Sunday, December 17
1 pm NY | 8 pm Israel

You may be thinking

I'm too old...too hormonal... too pregnant... too sensitive... too modest... too spiritual... not ready for this masterclass...


No matter where you are in the journey...

You are worthy.

You deserve to love & be loved.

You are exactly where you need to be. 

You are perfectly imperfect (for a Divine reason!)

You are capable of learning & experiencing new things.

Here's what it looks like


LIVE  on Sunday, December 17
1 pm NY | 8 pm Israel

Recording available for six months


On this zoom call you can privately ask your personal questions and get answers!

So you can get the basics like “how to bring back the fireworks” and “why am I never in the mood” right away and implement immediately. 

Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman is a marriage coach helping successful women improve their marriage and love their lives. She has helped hundreds of women connect on a deeper level to G-d, themselves, and their husbands. 

She hosts a weekly live show and The Connected For Real™ Podcast, featuring topic experts, discussing the effects on marriage. 

She lives in Israel with her husband, Rabbi Avi Grossman, and their seven children.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Intimacy Masterclasses are for married women who are G-d centered.  


You get immediate access to the first Intimacy Masterclass [1] recording.

Once we go LIVE with the Intimacy Masterclass 2 on December 17th, you will get the recording of that as well. 

You will have access to the recordings for a six months.

After an in-person class you always have the chance to go up to the speaker and ask a question. I want you to have that experience even with a virtual class.

That’s why you get a free 15-minute zoom call with me as part of this deal. You can ask any questions or address any private issues one-on-one in the implementation call.

Even if you only watch the replays and do not come live, you still get access to the implementation call.

The Intimacy Masterclass 1 [from 2021] addresses the basics. How to bring back the fireworks, how to get in the mood, what to do to make it feel better and so on… It’s a great place to start. It’s a nice balance of mindset and practical. 

The Intimacy Masterclass 2 [Coming LIVE December 17, 2023] will go much deeper touching on the feeling of success and failure that come from intimacy and the lack there of.

We’ll address the current struggles of the global atmosphere we are living through right now. Things like anxiety, worry, fear, exhaustion, and stress that are effecting intimacy in such a major way.

We’ll also be addressing all the stages of the journey: hormonal, pregnant, nursing, transitions, and getting older. Each stage brings its obstacles and challenges that need to be talked about. 

They are not the same class! You are getting two masterclasses for the price of 1. 


I am so confident you will get a ton of value from this masterclass! If you don’t find the class valuable for any reason, you can send a written request for your money back by emailing within 14 days. 

I’ve been a coach for women since 2018. My specialty is the intersection between marriage and business specifically because of my own experience and what I had to overcome. I was a graphic designer for 15 years before I pivoted and I was able to grow my business AND improve my marriage throughout my own growth process. The skills and experiences I gained help me relate and see past the noise, and my superpower of bringing G-d into every situation has helped me rise to the top of my industry. At this point I’ve coached hundreds of women at every stage of the journey.

I’m the wife of Rabbi Avi Grossman and we have seven children, We live in Israel in a beautiful town near Jerusalem.  My approach is deep and gentle, and has long lasting results. My clients love my ability to harmonize lifestyle and values with goals and dreams.

If you’re ready to jump right in I offer a 3-months private coaching package for $2500, 

  1. Schedule a free discovery call HERE and 
  2. [Optional] submit the form HERE 

 I’d love to hear from you!


→ If you are not sure, we can go back and forth on WhatsApp (my number is +972-54-675-4963), or email me ( I’m happy to help. 


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LIVE  on Sunday, December 17
1 pm NY | 8 pm Israel


→ The Intimacy Masterclass [1]
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