“What you wish you were told about intimacy!”

When it comes to marital intimacy, we don’t talk about it openly.

We are private and modest about it, and for good reason.

But here is the thing –

How are you supposed to learn how to feel good?

Who can you turn to for advice that feels “kosher”?

Do you think of intimacy as “boring”?

Does it sometimes feel like a chore you just want to be done with?

Are you “ok” with it but want to learn how to make it feel AMAZING?

Good news! To change things, you don’t have to drag your husband to therapy or counseling! You can single-handedly improve your marriage!

Join me on Wednesday, December 27, 8pm Israel / 1pm Eastern for a masterclass that will transform the way you think about intimacy.

This will NOT be a:

→ Halacha class

→ Anatomy lesson, or

→ Medical lecture

You’ll learn about

→ Receiving

→ Boundaries

→ Communication

You’ll leave with practical advice and you’ll know exactly what to do next so you can feel AMAZING about your intimacy.

The cost is $97

This masterclass will give you the tools to improve this aspect of your marriage.