You are a wife,
a mom,
running a business,
& trying to stay aligned with G-d
While staying sane...
That's A LOT!

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FINALLY! Something that actually works!

I’ve tried every method under the sun to get out of the mess in my head (and actual life). 

I finally nailed it! Turns out, it’s simpler than you think and very effective, yet super unique to you!

Grab this guide and supercharge your focus and clarity without burning everything down trying to get it all done. 

  • Quick tip to find clarity.

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  • What to do when things go off course.

  • … and real examples of my process in action!

I stopped being a mush...

Hi!  I’m Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman

A marriage coach for women in business. 

I’m all about helping you create that perfect balance in your life, making it flow like a seamless symphony of success and joy! 

I used to believe that I can never be successful because I’m not organized, can’t manage time well, and am artsy, creative, and spontaneous… but turns out I was wrong!

I now have a thriving business, a supportive husband, a bunch of kids, and a super organized and systemized life! 

What's possible for YOU?

Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman marriage coach