A 12-week group program for successful Jewish women who want to make their marriage even better

bring peace into your home

At the end of the 12-week program you will see a transformation in your marriage. You’ll feel that your husband is a partner, that you enjoy talking to him, and that your connection is deeper and more intimate. He celebrates your successes and supports your ambitions personally and professionally.

bring it back!

Learn how to bring back those "good-old-days" when you looked forward to having long talks and hanging out together with your husband.

become a team

Get the support you need and the help you crave by making your husband a team-member and a true partner.

Create your reality

Work together to bring your vision of a positive home atmosphere into every aspect of your life: money, career and kids!

Connect for real

Connect on a deeper level to Hashem, yourself, and your husband. Practical tools and personalized advice


(1) Introduction & “One Thing”

(2) Discussion and Q&A 

(3) Vision & Goals

(4) Discussion and Q&A  

(5) The Work by Byron Katie

(6) Discussion and Q&A

(7) The Symptoms & The Root

(8) Discussion and Q&A

(9) Money, Intimacy, & Receiving

(10) Discussion and Q&A

(11) Gratitude & Self-Care

(12) Conclusion & Celebration

Frequently asked questions

You can sign up to be put on the waiting list. the 12-week group program will begin when there are enough women signed up.

In the meantime, you will receive an email with a free PDF and a way to schedule a relationship building call with me.  

I’ve been a participant in many group programs. I found that there was a lot of material being taught (dare I say “fed” to me), but not enough time or the opportunity to “digest” the info and integrate it into my life. By the third week I felt the overwhelm.

I decided that when I make my own program, I’m going to make sure we cover ground, and we integrate it into every day life. 

There is also another reason. I want to give you flexibility in your schedule. If you know there are some classes that are more material heavy, and some classes that are lighter and more discussion based, it will be easier to manage your schedule. 


If you are a married Jewish woman who is growth-oriented and you want to uplevel your marriage then you are going to love this program!

Not for you:

Men – I do not work with men at this time. Feel free to e-mail me if you need help finding a coach that is right for you. 

Singles – I will open up a group for singles very soon. Make sure to email me. advice@connectedforreal.com

Unlike a pre-recorded course, a group program is LIVE. We meet over Zoom and you get to comment, ask questions, and go deeper into the material.

A group is also a different experience than the 1-on-1 program because you get to be in a community and hear from others who share your goals and values in a private intimate group.

You do what feels good for you. You get to chose what makes you comfortable. 

During our LIVE classes, you can chose if you turn your camera on or not. You are free to comment publicly in the chat or send private messages that go directly to me. 

You get immediate access to an exclusive facebook community. You chose how active you want to be and how much you want to share in this private and safe space.  

Whatever you chose is fine, because either way you will be gaining a lot from the experience. It’s also not “all or nothing”. You can chose to write and share one day, and read, watch, and listen the next. Do what feels right for you!

Every class is recorded and the replay is sent out every week to signed-up group members only. The class notes and the recording will also be available on the facebook community under “units.”

If you miss a class you can make it up by watching the replay anytime that week. I suggest you plan ahead a potential “make-up” time, so when it comes up you are already prepared. This is a good strategy for success!

Yes. Your safety and comfort are very important to me. The recordings are kept private and taken down at the end of the program. 

All participants sign up with the commitment to respect and honor everyone’s privacy.  


This is a group for women. We are going to be working on our marriage from the perspective of the wife. 

This is very different from counseling. We are NOT here to bash or fix your husband, nor will any negative talk about husbands or men in general be allowed. 

We will take responsibility for what we can control and only try to control that!

You can’t control your husband, so he is free to go on with life while you go on to improve YOUR life. The magic happens when your husband sees how successful and happy you are!

Yes. There is a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are committed, show up to classes and do the work, and you are still not satisfied, you can ask for your money back.


I offer “Fix-Your-Marriage” a 6-month one-on-one VIP program.

You can e-mail for more information:


Please feel free to e-mail me your question or any concerns you may have. advice@connectedforreal.com 

clients say

"Rebbetzin Bat-Chen has a truly good ear for listening in between the lines. When we worked together she detected something what I waved away for years and when she and I started to dive deeper into this, Rebbetzin Bat-Chen gave me the power to look at this with different eyes. This underneath irritation is gone now and off my sleeve!"
Judith Ziants
Facebook Review
"I hated my marriage. I believed I was stuck with the wrong guy, my kids were crazy and my life was falling apart. I was suffering all the time. I didn't think anyone would be able to help me but I had no other place to turn, so I gave Rebbetzin Grossman a try. I am so glad I did. The Rebbetzin was so empathetic, sweet, and intelligent. She felt my pain, but didn't let me stay there for too long. She helped me transition into a growth-mindset and gave me practical tools to help me move forward! Step by step she helped me create a life I love"
New York
"Rebbetzin Bat-Chen took the time to really listen and empathize. She really cares and wants to help. With practical advice and an approach based on Emunah and Bitachon, she elevates the mundane and puts things in a new perspective. Thank you!
"Totally unsolicited plug, but her approach really works. And yes, in one session Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman helped me cut through some complex family issues and change course"
Leah Aharoni
Facebook Comment
"I came to get help with an educational problem I had with my son. After less than two hours, the reality didn't change, but my perception about the problem took a 180 degree turn. This isn't magic, it's embarking on a new journey of inner work. Rebbetzin Bat-Chen guides the work and helps focus the process while giving lots of great practical tips along the way."
Laura Cohen
"I am successful at work. I have a successful career, and I am pretty successful at parenting, but I felt my marriage was falling short. I wanted to strengthen my marriage from a place of connection to Hashem and I'm glad I found Rebbetzin Grossman to guide me though such a wonderful process."
"I love Rebbetzin Bat-Chen. She is so approachable and normal!"

I want to uplevel my marriage!

Still got questions?  E-mail Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman