Hot Topic Bonus: Technical & Robotic Marriages

November 6, 2021

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There is no denying that life can get busy and we have to get moving, but this is part of life. Technical and robotic marriages become an issue when the problems are no longer temporary. Rebbetzin Bat-Chen shares what can already be 50% of the work when it comes to transforming your marriage.

01:31 Technical and robotic marriages become an issue when the problems are no longer temporary.
02:05 The first step is to be ready to change this mindset. This is already 50% of the work!03:08 The Marriage Breakthrough Retreat can help you figure out what works for you and move forward. Sign up here!
03:27 Rebbetzin Bat-Chen started the Marriage Breakthrough Retreat because marriage is the core of everything in life.
04:28 The retreat is done for an hour for 7-days on Zoom. Not only do you get to meet Rebbetzin Bat-Chen one-on-one to address specific issues and a workbook, but you get a breakthrough in your marriage.

Marriage Breakthrough Retreat
5 Surprising Ways to Improve Your Marriage

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Welcome to the Connected For Real Podcast! I’m Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman, a marriage coach for women in business, and my mission is to bring God’s presence into your life, into your marriage, and into your business. Let’s get started. The following is one of the many conversations I had with experts and professionals about real life and how it affects marriage. Let me know your takeaways on Instagram or Facebook, @connectedforreal. Enjoy.

And we are live. Welcome to the Hot Topic Bonus number three. Today we are talking about Technical and Robotic marriages, and this is a huge issue that is coming up over and over again when I am talking to women. Really because we get busy. We have lives things are happening and there are seasons when things just have to get done and we just have to get moving and get through it so things become technical. Who’s picking up who? What’s going to be for supper? What are we doing about this kid or what are we doing about that issue? The whole thing is fine and that is part of life that you have seasons when things are going to be that way. Just like we talked about survival. There are survival times. There are times when you’re just getting through it. There’s a hardship, challenge, or something’s coming up and you’ve got to get through it and so it’s okay when it’s temporary.

The issue starts becoming a real issue when it is no longer temporary, when it starts getting like, “It’s been too long since we had a conversation,” or, “Have you noticed that we haven’t talked about this or that or the other—” “What happened to all those deep meaningful conversations, the play, laughter, the fun and excitement, and all of that warm fuzzy feelings that you used to have? This is all very familiar to anybody who is in a marriage and living life. Pretty much all of us. [Laughs] And so, I want you to— first step is be ready to change it. Be not okay with it being okay anymore because as long as we think this is normal and this is just how life is, and this is how it’s going to be, and it’s just nothing to do about it, this is how everybody has it, then you’re going to feel stuck because you’re gonna feel like there’s nothing to do about it. The second you bring awareness to the fact that it can be changed and should be changed if it’s bothering you—of course, those of you who are happy having technical and boring marriages go ahead enjoy it, but most of us are not and so just bring awareness. “I am not okay with this and I want to change it,” and then it is so easy to change because once you bring awareness to it, that’s 50% of the work. Now you just have to figure out what works and move it forward, and for that my friends you should definitely sign up for the Marriage Breakthrough Retreat that is happening Monday. You can sign up at  You can find it on all of my social media.

The Marriage Breakthrough Retreat was started because I realized that marriage was the core of everything else. It’s the core of your money, your parenting, your other relationships—it spills over into everything. So, when your marriage is stuck, technical, boring, and annoying, you are stuck, technical, boring, and annoying everywhere else. You think that you’re doing well in your business and that’s why you’re gonna run into that as sort of a[n] escape but your business is just as stuck because if you were actually at your best and being supported by your husband and feeling really high about what you’re doing this world, you would not be where you are in your business. So, this is really, really important for you to take seriously because there is a big ROI in being happy in your marriage.

I look forward to seeing you there the Marriage Breakthrough Retreat is a seven day free retreat that is virtual. So, basically you go on Zoom every day for an hour and we meet live. It’s very experiential, not boring at all because you know me. I don’t like boring. I can’t sit through boring stuff. So, there is a workbook full of worksheets that we do  on the call. Do not worry. I do not give you so much homework and there is also an implementation call with me, which means that you get to actually meet with me one-on-one and I can address any of your specific issues or things that come up throughout the retreat.  What else do you get? You get a breakthrough in your marriage. [Laughs]  I’m telling you it is crazy what can happen in seven days if you’re consistent, and don’t worry if you’re not consistent. It’s all cool. Come to day one and leave. I will not be offended. Day one is so worth. It is completely transformational and so is day two, but if you decide not to go to day two, you still gain on day one. The same thing with if you didn’t come to all three days and decided to come to day four. You still would get something out of it because each day stands its own pillar, let’s say— especially day five, which is all about intimacy. Everybody shows up to that one. Make sure you come too, and don’t feel embarrassed if you want. You could turn off your video and not be there because nobody is looking, but it is so worth it because it’s a completely different outlook on anything you’ve ever heard of before. So that’s it. That is all I have to say about your technical and robotic marriage, and I really hope that you are ready to say it’s not okay to be okay anymore. I look forward to seeing you there

I attended Bat-Chen’s retreat in May. Actually, it was last minute because I jumped on as a helper from behind the scenes. But what I can tell you guys is life changing. If you are in that space of a married woman, businesswoman, entrepreneur, you’re starting your business or you’re juggling parenting and being a mom and a wife with that space in the business sector. I want to highly recommend this retreat, and because I was from behind the scenes and observing how she delivered her content, these are the things that I was able to actually see delivered her content, the way she connected on a one to one in a really sensitive, visible way. I could see that she saw every woman that was on that retreat. She connected with all of them. She heard and she listened to them, but she was also able to carry the whole group because it felt safe. She was a safe person to engage with, to speak with, to converse with. The content was also quite very high class. It was very applicable easily and simply into our normal day-to-day lives as working women and working mothers and women in the business sector. So, I want to highly recommend that if you’re thinking or you’re on the sidelines of attending this next retreat in November, it will be worth your while. This woman is gifted. She knows her stuff. She knows what she’s talking about. I was able to just sit back and observe her deliver this content that s life changing, and I think I will go again, even though I jumped in last minute. I just want to actually receive this time and be a participant in the retreat. So, I encourage you to attend. I encourage you to sign up for the retreat. I encourage you to get in touch with her. She surely is gifted. She’s an amazing, amazing encourager and she will build your faith up. She will build you up in that business space and thank you for listening.

Hi! My name is Rivka. I wanted to recommend Rebbetzin Bat-Chen’s retreat. I took it last year and really enjoyed it even though I’m married over 20 years and I’ve done other workshops. This was really wonderful. Very helpful and gave me a whole bunch of new insights, a whole bunch of new tools, and I learned a lot from it. So go ahead—enjoy and see how it can help you also. Take care. Bye.

And that’s it! Thank you for listening to the very end. I would love if you can leave a review and subscribe to the podcast. Those are things that tell the algorithm, this is a good podcast and make sure to suggest it to others. Wouldn’t it be amazing if more people became more connected for real? And now, take a moment and think of someone who might benefit from this episode. Can you share it with them? I am Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman from Thank you so much for listening, and don’t forget, you can be connected for real.

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