I’m Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman.

I’ve been where you are now and I know how to get you out.

As a businesswoman, marriage coach, and mother of 7 children, I know your struggles— and I’ve found the solutions.

Growing up as the oldest daughter of a Rabbi, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t involved in outreach. I moved a lot as a child and always loved meeting new people and connecting to them on a deeper level. When I married Rabbi Avi Grossman, we spent years guiding and advising couples in New York and Israel.

Before founding Connected for Real, I ...

I began the FLOW, FIND, FLY masterminds to help successful, G-d centered
entrepreneurs find harmony, fulfillment, and connection in all areas of their lives.

To date, I’ve helped hundreds of women grow their businesses alongside their marriages through my virtual retreats, private coaching, and group masterminds.

A bit about me:

I love people. I love connecting with
others on a deep level, hearing other
points of view, and finding fun things
we have in common.

Create a higher level of inner
spiritual awareness, so you can
connect with G-d and make yourself
into a vessel for His abundance

I enjoy having fun. I’m optimistic and
light-hearted, radiate positive energy,
and stay far
away from the Dark
Tunnels of Despair.

Achieve personal transformation
and growth, so you take charge of
the things you can change and let go
of those you can’t

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“This has been an amazing experience. I came to Rebbetzin Grossman because I have an amazing husband and an amazing marriage, but we had one point of contention that kept cropping up. Now, thank G-d, when the issue is triggered, I’m able to let it go. It’s not an issue anymore.” - Miriam, Israel

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"In just one hour, Rebbetzin Grossman found the root of my problem and helped me solve it. She has the perfect blend of being loving, supportive, and encouraging while also pushing you to be better.” - Leah Aharoni, Israel

My values:

Connect to G-d

By connecting to a loving, limitless Creator, I make space for abundance and calm.

Build Independence

I give women the tools and mindsets to create the lives they want without needing constant hand-holding.

Enjoy the journey

I believe personal growth should feel refreshing and hopeful - not heavy, draining, or paralyzing.

Work Smarter

I get off the work treadmill through productive habits, healthy boundaries, and growth-oriented decisions.

Love Yourself

I make time for the things I enjoy, celebrate life’s blessings, and use my talents and abilities.

Find a Fix

I know that you don’t have to give in or give up. I think outside the box for winwin solutions that work


Let’s work together to be Connected for Real!