We are the divine made space. As humans, we seek perfection in everything that we do, especially as wives and mothers. Devora Gila Berkowitz discusses real work-life balance between being divine and human at the same time. The real mission is to reveal divinity into this world through kindness, and it all you need are conscious awareness, compassion and unconditional love, curiosity, creativity, and committed action.

A vision board is not just a visual representation of your goals and manifesting what you want, but can be a tool for you to share your gifts with others, and for communication between husband and wife. Declare your dreams with intention through a vision board with these tips from personal development and empowerment coach, Debbi Sluys.

Life can hit you unexpectedly but you’ll realize that God has prepared you for the situation you’re in. Ghesi Stojanov, a transformational coach, is a breast cancer survivor. Through her faith in God, support from family and community, and patience throughout her healing journey, Ghesi was able to accept change and to take control of her situation.

There is a duality in everything. Georgina Halabi and I discuss the contrast between male and female that can affect your marriage, and how to overcome it. This episode provides practical tips you can use to enhance your relationship with your spouse.