Candice DeLeeuw shares her strength after a tragically losing her child to congenital heart disease. This is an episode for couples and families who experienced child loss, and seek hope and inspiration. Grief is always going to be there, but Candice reassures listeners that through communication with your spouse, finding support outside family, and being honest with yourself, there is hope for your healing heart.

Becky Dozeman, a therapist and life coach from Michigan, USA, and creator of the Thrive Retreat and She Thrives Program, gives practical tips on how to make your God-centered marriage thrive through self-awareness, communication, and resilience.

Presenting the new podcast by Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman: The Connected For Real Podcast! What can you expect? Let’s start with what I’m expecting… a baby… in just a couple of weeks! Yup, that means I’m...

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