114. Overwhelmed to Overjoyed Workshop

Last week I ran the “Overwhelmed to Overjoyed” challenge which ended off with this one-hour workshop. If you missed it, you can catch up here! I address all of your questions and explain more about The Four Pillars- G-d, Marriage, Business and You and The CALM Method.™ If you haven’t heard… I am pregnant and due soon! This is your chance to work with me and get an extra 3 months for the same price!! Don’t wait too long to schedule your Discovery Call. This incredible offer ends March 28th. 


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  Welcome to the Connected For Real podcast. I’m Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman, a marriage coach for women in business. And my mission is to bring God’s presence into your life, into your marriage and into your business. Let’s get started.

Welcome everyone to the workshop. And I’m super excited about it. I did the five day challenge. It was called Overwhelmed to Overjoyed. My goal with this is to help you get out of overwhelm and start to lean into the overjoyed. And I want to talk about what that looks like because Overwhelmed to Overjoyed.

There is a lot there, right? We’re talking big loaded words. So we’re going to get into that. I called today’s workshop, God, marriage, business, you, which are my four pillars to coming alive. And really, I believe that all four have to be addressed in order for you to be whole and also to be able to get things to flow.

So we’re going to talk about that. I the subtitle I came up with was create harmony in your marriage and your business And live your biggest dreams in balance I hope you like that subtitle because I I was very proud of it. I think that If you guys you know for those who don’t know me, I am a marriage coach for women in business My obsession is that intersection between marriage and business and how they affect each other and how they affect you within all of that.

And then also how you can get them to support each other and really work together so you’re not feeling pulled. So that harmony between your marriage and your business and then also going after your dreams and knowing that you can balance it all and that you can have it is really important for me and that’s why I’m focusing on that today.

And I’m going to tell you how the challenge really flows into this. So you guys know me, right? I’m a marriage coach. I just told you that. I have seven kids and I’m expecting number eight in about four weeks. So yay. I’m very proud and very excited. I gave myself this challenge to not just sit around and, you know, be a big fat whale and feel sorry for myself.

So I’m really proud that I was able to put it together and also show up every single day. Thank you, God, for giving me the strength and I’m really, really grateful I did it because the feedback has been incredible. Just absolutely crazy. Amazing. So thank you for participating and thank you for showing up and I love you all really very much.

Okay. So let’s talk about overwhelm. And overjoyed. We said these are gigantic terms that are really loaded. And when I started this, I was thinking, what is the transformation here, right? Where are you? Where do you want to be? And I just thought of myself like, I don’t need to use anybody else as an excuse.

Just focus on where are we all holding right now with all this stuff going on? There’s just so much stuff, right? Besides everything that’s going on in the outside world, we have finances and marriage and parenting and in laws and neighbors and drama and stress and clutter and resentment and frustration and the lack of clarity and the lack of confidence and too many decisions to make and not knowing what to do in the middle of the And my favorite one, which is what I call a meta emotion.

I heard that term from some psychologist or professor or someone who coined it a meta emotion It’s the emotion of the emotion, right? So it’s like i’m feeling stuck for feeling stuck Right, like I just don’t know how to get out of this stuck. So i’m just stuck being stuck There’s you know other meta emotions or like i’m feeling guilty for feeling guilty or i’m stressed and i’m so stressed those are they’re just that’s exactly what we’re talking about, right?

And just You know just saying all those things was like, oh my gosh That is so validating like we’re feeling all the things and we’re doing all the things and it’s just really overwhelming and where I want to be and where I know you want to be because You guys are very much like me I hope I think you know, I assume as we just want to be overjoyed and especially now with the time that we’re in, you know We are in the month of aadar Forum is around the corner And we want to feel happy.

We want to feel joy. We want to lean into all those things, but it just feels impossible. It feels heavy. It feels. I don’t know how. Right? So, I want to paint the picture of what overjoyed feels like to me, and maybe you resonate with this. And I think that getting really clear on where we’re going is really powerful.

Okay? So, for me, overjoyed is having order, and feeling in control, being confident that I’m on the right track. Feeling stable, safe, held, know what to do in a situation, have who to turn to for support. Like, really feel comfortable in my own skin. I feel like that is overjoyed, right? If whatever is happening outside of me and I feel really good and really confident and really comfortable, then I’m okay.

I’m fine. Like, it, it could just flow through me. It could, you know, Teflon, you know, just let it slide. Because I’m in that. Strong place. You guys agree? Anybody? Mashiach is around the corner. Yes, it is. Amen. Totally, totally. And I talk about this in in my book.

I think the first episode right after the war came out in my podcast talks about how we’re on the right track people Let’s just keep moving forward stay focused. Don’t let this, you know, the noise distract you So I love that you said that so thank you for bringing that up But yeah. And I want to be ready right overjoyed is almost like a muscle That you have to strengthen because when it does happen I’m sure there’s going to be people who are like, oh my gosh.

Moshiach is here. I’m not ready I don’t have my dress. I don’t have my shoes. I don’t know what to do. Well, i’m supposed to go to mikveh I’m supposed to go to you know to the jerusalem. I I have to get all my kids ready, right like The, the natural reaction, if you are in overwhelm all the time, your brain will just loop right into it and say, tada, here I am again, overwhelmed, right?

So it’s a muscle that we want to get ready so that when there is gigantic joy, we don’t fall into the overwhelm. We’re able to ground ourselves in that joy and really allow. All the things. So that was a fun tangent to go into but Yeah, so that’s why we’re working on this now. We’re preparing. Awesome.

Okay, so By the end of today’s workshop, my goal for you is that you have the answers you need and the answers you’re looking for for creating that harmony and that flow and being on the right track to The overjoy like really feeling like there is hope and you can do it. Because Going from overwhelm to overjoy as two entities we can see Oh, this is the before this is the after but we don’t see the bridge we cannot see ourselves getting to the other side because we’re just so Bogged down by the weight of the overwhelm.

So I really want to give you that You Gift of hope and believing that it’s possible and knowing that there is a way and that’s my goal today.

I’m breathing because my belly is gigantic. So if you guys are wondering why I’m taking breaths is because I’m usually really good at talking, you know straight but thank god I have this gigantic person inside me That’s really cute and it’s gonna come out soon Great. So let’s get into the framework and what we’re going to be talking about and then we’ll jump into it so when I was designing My entire program and everything that I do I came up with the CALM Method, which is my method The go to thing right?

It’s four steps four letters getting into flow right here right now and when I Created it. I didn’t realize what a gigantic download it was and how divinely designed it was I thought okay, whatever. I just came up with this cute acronym But really, it goes so much farther than that.

And, and then when I created my masterminds, and I wanted to make sure that I have really strong pillars and a format and a framework and whatever. I created my four pillars, which if you’re listening to the podcast, you know They’re god marriage business and you because i’m a marriage and business coach Then I want them to work together like a puzzle and When I was thinking about what needs to happen for them to really align and work together and be Of service to each other.

I realized that in the middle in that core has to be god. Okay, so god is at the core Marriage and business work together. And then the last part is you and you are the container that holds all that so if you’ve ever seen any of my Images it’s basically like god at the core, but also just sort of radiating out into everything and then marriage and business as sort of like a puzzle pieces and then you It’s like almost the bowl that holds it all together And those four pillars are really important when creating flow and that’s why if you got the email for day five I really took you into that meditative state to find How does your one thing affect your relationship with God?

How does your one thing affect your marriage? How does your one thing affect your business? How does your one thing affect you as the container, your ability to contain, your ability to expand, your ability to receive, right? All those things are really, really important. And I want to go into each one just a little bit so that those of you who don’t know the four pillars and my framework Can get a little bit into that understanding but basically Step one is god, right?

God is at the core And what we want to do is be able to hear directly from god like get answers Open up to receive right because when god is at the core and when we have god on our side and with us And we can turn to him. And ask we also start getting answers. So I want you to be Able to receive those answers and really contain That abundance that comes from god.

We’ll talk a little bit more later about that I think but for now, I think that makes sense, right? You guys are all good. Step two is marriage. So, you know, we have marriage and business I want to bring marriage first because in my opinion marriage is a top priority You And, you know, we all agree that if you had to choose, it would make sense that you would choose marriage.

But I also am the biggest advocate of you don’t have to choose because I don’t want you to give up any of them. I find that women who are extraordinary and want to grow business and have good ideas and have these passions and impact and, and legacy to leave behind and really have what to do in this world.

If you hold that back from them and say wait choose your marriage over your business just put this aside for a minute They’re going to be so miserable and they’re going to feel like they’re so constrained and Unhappy that you’re going to actually hurt their marriage Okay So having to choose is not an option in my opinion Because I know on myself and I know the woman I work with we’re just too extraordinary to have to choose We can’t we can’t be forced to choose and then I want to go further than that We just brought god into it So I want to bring god into it again and say god doesn’t want you to choose If he wanted you to choose he would make you choose, but he doesn’t he actually says I put all these ideas into your head And I put all of this excitement for you to go out and do and shine and create I don’t want you to give that up just like I don’t want you to give up anything else So when we can bring your marriage and your business to work together to serve god Right, which is that core in the middle then we can really get that Dance going right the balance the harmony the equilibrium so in your marriage my goal is that you Fall more in love and that you become more of yourself and you feel more safe and more comfortable To really take it to the next level.

Okay, a lot of the women I work with are happily married and they’re, you know, they’re fine. People think like, Oh, you’re a marriage coach. You must be like dealing with a lot of divorce and like almost divorce and like one foot at the door things. That’s actually not my niche. I do deal with it. You know, people do come to me and I can help them, but I find that you have to be extremely, extremely committed.

If you are one foot at the door to want to turn it around and make a difference. The women I love working with and the women who are attracted to me naturally are women who have a good marriage. And it just happens to be that there are little things along the way that are annoying about their husband, about the way he critiques them and criticizes, or he’s negative, or, you know, it’s just a little annoying here and there.

But like, for the most part, you know, you’re staying, you know, there isn’t a life or death thing going on in your marriage, right? So. I’m not I don’t want you to start from zero. I want you to you know, fall more in love I want you to see what’s more possible. I want you to imagine What if the marriage you think is fine now, like maybe you think it’s an eight out of ten What if that’s really not true?

What if? It’s a two and you don’t even know what a 10 looks like because you’ve never let yourself imagine because you’ve never really seen a marriage that is that wonderful or that amazing, right? You’ve never experienced it, so you don’t know. So I want you to realize that your marriage can actually support you in every way and be the thing that gives you the fuel to thrive in all the parts of you, right?

And that’s really fun. And I’m talking from experience. I have a husband, He is human and I love him to pieces and yet I had to learn through my own experiences how to figure it out and make it work for me and get out of the loops of all the negativity and the criticism and, you know, feeling like, you know, I’m being, I don’t know, blamed or whatever.

Like there are things that I am Very open about and thank God we’re human. So we’re normal and our marriage is our marriage, but When I started to imagine what’s possible and letting myself receive more and letting myself really lean into it I was blown away By what you can achieve When you open yourself up to it, okay So that’s on the marriage side and yes, it’s top priority and I make it very important in my you know in the big scheme of things and your business Is the other side of that right and when your marriage is supportive and you can really thrive and sometimes by the way You start focusing on your business first because it’s easier there and when you start to come alive and become more happy and become more in your own like Figure out what works for you thing.

Then suddenly, your marriage sort of joins. So it’s really fun to see the interaction between the two. And I’m not saying just because marriage is top priority, that you don’t focus on business first. Sometimes we do, depending on your unique situation. So with business, I really want you to realize that you can run it.

Like a dream business, right? Let it be easy. Let it flow. Let yourself receive the guidance right when you bring god into business, then your business starts to Work smart and not hard and we talk a lot about that. I think it came up many times in our emails, you know, hey, look we’re working smart Is that what I like to do?

Because once you lean into You The way god runs the world and How he designed it We make it harder than it needs to be right so when we can let go of that Things flow and this challenge is one of those examples That I am allowing things to be easy i’m allowing things to just flow and i’m not as grabby and i’m not as It has to be perfect and have to do it, right?

Like no, i’m just really in You in alignment with getting the Download that I have to do this and then being okay with doing it and it’s like what if it’s hard What if I don’t want to what if you know and all the questions and all the thoughts like, okay, it’s fine But let’s sit down and see how we can make this be easy and fun and exciting and let me tell you having live sessions every day Made it fun for me.

Like, for me, it wasn’t more work, it was actually less work to come on and see real people doing the real work. Because then I saw the connection between what I’m doing and what people are picking up. And it really filled me up. So, thank you, again, for being here. And the last part, the last pillar, is you.

Yes, you I want you to realize that you are the thing that’s holding all these parts together So if you don’t invest in yourself, and if you don’t take care of yourself And if you’re not putting yourself as a priority every single day, which is why we started with here one thing Then you’re never going to get into a balance because you’re constantly going to be juggling instead of being really grounded and staying still.

So I want you to get into this balance and feel that harmony with all the parts of you where you’re capable of holding all that. And there is a great example of the bowl that’s sitting on the counter for a long time. And, you know, after something sits for a really long time, it has like this, like film, like the dust and You come and you take water, you put water into the bowl directly from the sink, and it’s like, Ew, the water’s dirty.

Ugh, gross. And you throw out the water, right? You spill it out. And it’s like, wait, was the water dirty or was the bowl dirty, right? So if you clean up the bowl and start again, you fill it up, you’ll see the water is actually clean. The bowl was not ready to contain. It wasn’t ready to receive. So what I want you to realize is that in order for you to be in a place where you can receive and contain and expand and really allow all that abundance in, you have to work on yourself.

You can’t be letting yourself sit on the counter for 20 years and then expecting the abundance to feel right. You’re going to get the abundance and then be like, ew. What is this and throw it out right and we see this in a lot of things, right? We you know, some people get the same exact gift challenge, whatever it is one person will react like I can’t believe this happened to me and the other person would be like Wow, the best thing that ever happened to me and it’s the exact same thing, right?

So it’s really about you and the way that you can Invest in yourself and clean yourself up and prepare yourself so that you can contain Okay, it was all this clear. I’m gonna open up the chat again just to make sure. What if you’re not married? Can I apply this now somehow or in hopes of married one day? Of course you could apply it now. I want you to apply it now. Marriage could be all the relationships and for women who are not married, we work on becoming the person you want to become.

You know, like you said, applying the relationship with myself, but also applying the relationship with all the other people who you have dealings with. So your children, your you know, whatever, in laws, neighbors, whoever It’s it’s a wider than just marriage thing I do work with women who are not married and it’s really fun to see how it sort of balances together even when they’re not married So thank you for asking that you have the opposite question.

What if i’m not working? So I love that. It’s fine because when I’m talking like all the, all the parts, right? So sometimes for you, business might be my passion. The thing I really want to do, the legacy I want to leave the different parts of my life where I really lean into. So that’s, that’s where we’re, We’re going, you know, you can expand on this a little bit.

So if we’re talking marriage, you could say marriage has parenting and relationships and people and you know, all the different parts. Under that and then business can have passion and legacy that you want to leave and the impact that you’re making in the world and the way that you show up for whatever endeavors you’re doing doesn’t necessarily have to be a business.

Okay. So I hope that was clear for all of you asking questions. Thank you for asking in the chat. This was fun. I’m happy I came to check the chat. So, those are the four pillars, and I do want to walk you through the calm method, but from a different angle. Usually, I teach the calm method from the angle of, what do I do right now? This is a skill I can use right now, right?

But today I actually want to talk to you about the different ways that the call method can be used more of like What we started now and how it can take you further because that’s where I really want you to be able to do Everything that you did this week Finding your one thing Making it specific getting to a point where you can really see all the failures along the way and be okay with them and then Trying to solve for them so that they don’t happen so that you can be ready for them so that you can prepare ahead of time All these things are really important skills And by the way, the next thing I want you to do is I want you to start tracking it.

Okay? The tracking is really, really important because when you track, then you can see actual data. And that’s why we made it black or white, checkmark or not, you know, am I filling this in or am I leaving it blank? Because when you can look at your week, month. I have it as a month, right? When you can look at it as a month and say, Oh, look at that.

I have this tendency of doing two days yes, one day no, two days yes, one day no. Or I always miss on Friday. Or, you know, I start getting really good. I get like five days in a row and then I fail and I just give up for three days. And then I go back and I start again and then I fail again. I forget it, right?

And so you’ll see, you’ll start to see the patterns on your month. And it’s really, really fun because you can look at the data. So your brain is thinking, Oh, I’m a failure. I can’t do it. I barely did any this month. And then you look at the data, you’re like, Oh, if I count it, I did 15 days out of 30. That’s 50%.

Right? I wasn’t doing any before we started the challenge. So why am I being so hard on myself? You can talk your brain into seeing the actual facts on paper. And then explain to your brain that actually evidence shows we’re on the right track. We just need to keep trying So the next month maybe I get 20 days in the next month Maybe I get a chain, you know when they’re all connected of eight and i’m like, wow I was able to break my pattern of not of missing every friday or whatever it was, right?

So I want you to start getting into that routine of just tracking it right like when you do it give yourself A moment to pencil it in or marker it in or whatever. I will tell you a secret. It’s really silly but my tracker is in the bathroom and there’s a pen and my tracker on a clipboard and it’s on the side next to the sink.

And I go to the bathroom often. And now when I’m pregnant, I go to the bathroom even more often. And so I’m able to see it every single time. Like, wait, did I do it today? Did I do it yet? Can I pencil it in? Can I, can I fill it in? And it’s really fun to be able to remind myself, Oh, I need to fill it in.

Right. And if I didn’t do it yet, it’s like, Oh, I come out of the bathroom. It’s like, I know I need to do it. Right. And it’s a constant reminder. So that’s just a hack. Don’t tell anyone. It’s a little uncomfortable to tell about it, but it works because I can go to the bathroom a lot. Some people find that, you know, if it’s in the kitchen, they’re going to actually see it more.

Wherever it works for you. I just don’t want it to be hidden in some drawer or somewhere that’s never going to be seen. Okay. So now we’re going to get into the calm method. Calm stands for connect to yourself. That’s step one. Ask for abundance. That’s step two. Listen for the answer.

That’s step three and master a higher level of consciousness is step four. Okay Now i’m going to tell you what each one means and especially In this context that i’m going to be talking about so Connect to yourself is the first thing you do, the step one, you do nothing else, but just get in touch with your body.

Take a deep breath. Ask yourself, what do I really want? You will automatically be in a different place. Okay.

Really connect to yourself. And when you can do that, then you can move on to next step, but you can’t do anything until you take yourself and connect. And this week’s challenge was one way that we learned to lean into that. Okay, so I teach a lot of different ways to connect to yourself in my program I feel like one of the biggest most important skills That we have And we can lean into when we get to really utilize is getting to know what works for us and getting to know ourselves.

So I like, you know, really pushing you to get to know what works for you, to get to know what you like to do, to get to know how this will serve you, because surprise, surprise, we’re all unique. And you need a personalized plan. You don’t need what works for other people. You need what works for you. So connect to yourself is the prerequisite is you have to know you, you have to lean into you so that you can be that best version of yourself, right?

So besides all the other ways that you can connect yourself, this challenge was one of the simplest ones and also one of the most. impactful ones. And that’s why I chose this one, because you can really see just by leaning into this one skill, how much you connect to yourself, and how much I forced you to connect to yourself throughout the week, right?

Like find your one thing, not someone else’s one thing, not the thing you think you’re supposed to do or need to do or should do. It’s like the one thing that you want to do. Right and then find what works for you and what’s the lowest bar you could put it on and what you know What is going to come up for you and what’s the resistance for you and what’s the obstacles for you?

Everything is back to you because I want you to really connect. And when you do it right and you connect to yourself you are now on the track to see results. So we want to work with our body, not against our body. And that’s one of the things that I really lean into. Okay. So remember you are the container of all the parts of you.

So you need to take care of you. And part of taking care of you is knowing how to connect to you and really breathe into that. Okay. So that’s the step one. Step two is ask for abundance. Now We’re bringing God into it.

We’re cleaning up our relationship with God. You know what I just came up with yesterday in the middle of the night? I had a download at 1. 30 in the morning. I couldn’t sleep. Don’t ask me why, obviously I’m pregnant. There’s a lot of great gifts that come with being pregnant. One of them is waking up in the middle of the night and getting downloads and journaling and just being like, wow.

So one of the cool things that came up for me is that you know how people say your gut health is the core of your entire body’s health? So I came up with the term your God health. Now you get it got health and god health, huh? Anyway Your god health affects your entire life Right the health of your entire being Everything is affected by your relationship with god.

So Just so you guys know one of my favorite things in my program is to talk about god baggage And just today I was live with with jackie on a podcast and we talked about Being angry with God having complaints to God being like it’s not supposed to be this way And how do we deal with that right?

We’re not just gonna leave that and let it run in the background Affecting everything else. We’re going to address it. We’re going to turn to God. We’re going to start healing that relationship. So It’s really really important to have a healthy God relationship Just like it is to have a healthy gut.

Cool. I hope you like that And when we’re talking about our relationship with God, we’re talking about really allowing yourself to listen, to receive, to contain, because that’s what God is here to do, right? God is here to give and we are here to receive. And as women, it’s really fun because those are super power to receive.

So it’s really, really powerful. Okay, so, so far we connected to ourselves and then we turn to God. We bring him into the situation. Some people are like, why don’t you just turn to God before anything else? It’s like, yeah, because when I turn to God and I’m not connected, it sounds whiny and annoying and upsetting.

It’s like, I don’t know what you want from me. Why are you doing this to me? Right? There is no connection. There’s no communication. There is no relationship. There’s just icky. Icky energy and that’s not what we want. So first I want you to connect yourself then turn to God Okay, step three is listen for the answer and that means. You know, one of the guys was here for Shabbos One of my husband’s students and I said this and he said that should be on a t shirt Right that we I said we were always taught to ask You God and to turn to God, but we’ve never been taught to listen and That’s why step three is listen because this is a skill I teach all my clients and it’s really important to learn how to listen for the answer How do you know what God wants?

How do you get the answers from God? How do you hear God? Respond and it’s really fun because You didn’t think you could hear God, and then again, you can, when you can pause and listen. So what we do is we take action and we listen through reality. So we’re sharpening the skills of listening.

We’re becoming more attentive. We’re really getting to know what’s happening behind the scenes. Instead of seeing the illusion, we see past the illusion. Because we start to understand what God is trying to show us. We start to lean into a little bit of like what’s going on. Behind the scenes who’s pulling all the strings.

It’s really fun. Actually. I really love this and you learn to be guided and not do things the hard way And that’s where I always go back to work smart, really work smart. I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m not saying you’re going to be like, Oh, I’m going to teach you some buttons to push and it’s going to be really fun and easy and you’re not going to have to worry about it.

But there’s something different about Working smart, which means I know what to do in order to get what results in order to move in this direction in order to feel this way as opposed to I’m fumbling, I’m throwing spaghetti at the wall. I don’t know what I’m doing. It’s draining to not know what you’re doing.

And when you work smart, You’re actually focused. So even though the actual work is hard, right? I still have to do the emails. I still have to record the videos. I still have to show up live. I’m still showing up, but I’m not doing it from a place of hard work. I’m doing it from a place of, Oh, I was guided to do this.

I was told this is what I need to do. And I’m very, very clear and methodical about what I need to do next. And so it’s fun for me. Right? I’m working smart. There’s other ways to work smart by creating systems and leaning into all these other things that can help you. But the first thing I want you to realize is listening for the answer is the skill that’s going to really push you over the edge of leaving hard behind.

Because you don’t have to let it be hard. If it doesn’t have to be and it’s all about being guided and being able to Be willing to hear the answer. Okay. And step four is master a higher level of consciousness.

At the end of this whole process. What I want you to do is be able to turn any roller coaster situation into a smoother and more flow experience. And that’s what the Calm Method does, and that’s what all these skills along the way do. They give you the skills and the tools and the ability to Ground yourself even when everything is going up and down because let me tell you I could promise one thing life is still gonna be life but you don’t have to be the same person.

You don’t have to react the same way You don’t have to be stuck ever again. You don’t have to be in that You don’t. So even though life will still life, you can come from a different place. You can become the next version of yourself. And that’s really my goal for you. Okay. So, I want to invite you to work with me and I am going to tell you some really fun things that are happening right now because I am due in a month. There’s some really exciting bonuses and extras As an incentive for you to come and work with me so Basically at this point you have two choices, right?

You can either figure it out on your own be like, okay I’m gonna do it my way. I’m gonna take what you’ve taught me so far And i’m gonna go with it and i’m totally cool with that if you’re really confident with your process and with yourself. Or you could let it be easy and work smart and get me on your side and we can do it together.

And that’s where I want to invite you to work with me because I think that it’s really, really been very fun to coach the people who came live and the people who interacted and even those who sent emails and just responded. I love being able to be there for you. And that is what i’m here, right? I was walking this morning and talking to god and I was like, hey god, what’s up?

And I was like, I guess this is what i’m here for, you know, this is exciting So this is definitely what i’m here for and I want to tell you about my program just so you understand a little bit So I only do private coaching now I used to have masterminds and I used to have groups, but right now in this season of my life, I’ve been leaning into three month private coaching program.

So for three months, we work together. You get a session with me privately one on one, it’s a VIP, every other week, which means you get six. And you get access to all of my curriculum, which is my sessions, my trainings, and the meditation library, which each one of those is just a loan, a ton of. content and value And you get whatsapp support from me?

So not only do you get me in actual sessions But you also have a go to person anytime in your pocket So when things are you know, not sure what to do today Or this came up with my husband and this came up with my business or my brain is telling me I can’t do it Or whatever. I need a pep talk. I am there for you.

I leave you a voice note I type it up whatever I need to do in order to give you that little adjustment that you need right in the moment now because I am due in a month what I came up with was Giving you double the time so instead of getting three months you get six months so that you can really have enough time to enjoy all of the curriculum and a little bit of the what’s up support when i’m available Can’t promise I will answer right away like I always do but you know, i’m still around and You still get six sessions with me, but you can split them up.

So for those of you who sign up as soon, like this week, you can already schedule for this coming week to meet with me with your first session, or if you want to meet next week for your discovery call, and then you close. You know we can meet pretty soon and you can get your first session in so that will really solidify The direction of what you need and also i’ll be able to point you in the direction of what in the curriculum Will really fill you up so That is my offer today is double Instead of single, right?

So instead of three months, you get six months and the price stays the same. It’s twenty five hundred dollars so My three month program was twenty five hundred dollars and i’m not changing it because I want you to enjoy the bonus And i’m just doubling the time. Okay, so you’re getting double the time for The same price now, there’s another thing that i’m adding That I haven’t had for a while and that is the group element So what I used to do in the past was I had a mastermind that was hybrid So it was a group and everybody in that group that was like, you know the container And then you also get one on ones with me. I decided to flip that around.

It’s private coaching, and you happen to also have So what I’m thinking about with group and the thing that I missed the most because I was doing private coaching for the last year, the thing that I missed the most is trainings is creating trainings and teaching them. And so I decided to come up with and this is another amazing download that I got a couple weeks ago.

I decided to create a three part series of a training that I’m calling. Run your business like God runs his world. And of course it’s going to also apply to run your life, like God runs his world, but it’s basically taking lessons from the way God functions not functions, but the way God created the world and runs the world and has put systems in place and all the things to us and how we can lean into that and take notes.

From the ultimate creator. So we’re talking like time management and delegation and automation and all sorts of, you know, creating rules. We’re talking a lot of really fun things that I’ve been journaling about and putting all together, but it makes me come alive. It makes me really excited because I love private coaching because it’s so unique and personalized to you.

And I also really miss being able to just teach a group. And make sure that everybody’s on the same page and really getting the most out of it. So I decided to flip hybrid it Is that a word? And add that as a bonus. So there’s a double bonus going on here. Just in case you guys were wondering this will never happen again Probably not because it’s already a very low price.

2, 500 for six months and you get a ton I Would love to hear If you have any questions about it. Some questions that came up in the past or like in this past week from people Who i’ve spoken to Is i’m so overwhelmed. I don’t have time right like this isn’t the time for me to sign up for anything and I want to talk to you about that because that’s you know, like I said one of the things that we address is, you know, there’s a saying I have too much on my plate So what what should you do when you have too much on your plate?

Take something off your plate wrong do not take anything off your plate Get a bigger plate. That’s the answer. It’s allow yourself to expand your vessel Create more space and let things flow better So that you can contain all the parts of you. So I don’t want you to give up on yourself and say Oh, i’m too busy.

There’s too much going on. I want you to Make yourself a priority and then allow all the parts to fall into place and Really put it all together. What are some other questions that came up on second boom, boom, boom, boom. There were, oh, there was a question

about the timeline. So, I am taking off April for, April 1st. I am no longer going to be available for non clients, okay? So, I’m not recording any more podcasts. You’re just going to be getting the podcast dropping as automated and delegated. I’m very proud of how awesome it is that my podcast can run without me because I batched it and I recorded ahead of time.

So that was really fun. So timeline Once April 1st hits, I am not here for anybody who is not a client.

Only clients get me. They have access to me on WhatsApp. And to, if we have sessions, then they have access to me on Sessions. And obviously they have access to all of the curriculum. And that means that doors close on March 28th. So if you’re not in by March 28th, then you cannot be in this bonus, fun six months experience.

So, I highly recommend you go and sign up. And the way to sign up is by going to connectedforreal. com slash coaching. The website still says three months, but don’t worry about it. I know that if you sign up before March 28th, you get six months with me with all the bonuses and the trainings and everything else that’s included.

So, yay!

 So I want to answer a couple of questions that came in. after the webinar. Number one is explain the timeline again so I can understand better. So basically the timeline is like this. Right now we’re on March 14th. You have until March 28th to sign up. If you sign up before March 28th, you are in, you are getting six months instead of three months, you’re getting bonus trainings and they’re going to be live in a group sometime in the second half of the three months when I recover and I’m able to think straight and string sentences together.

So that’s what I’m thinking. Now, if you are ready and you want to get the most out of it, my suggestion is signing up as soon as possible to a discovery call. We can talk about your personalized plan and how to customize what is available to you for your specific needs. And once we do that and you’re all set up and ready to go, the first thing I would do is schedule your first one on one so that You can have time with me before I go into labor.

Now, remember, once you are a paying client, you have access to me on WhatsApp, and even though I can’t guarantee that in the middle of my birth I will answer right away and give you feedback on whatever you’re saying, I do feel like I want to do my best to serve my clients as much as I can. During my time off.

So, you know instead of within 24 hours, I may get back to you You know sometime in the next couple days, but you’re still going to get my eyes on your work my ears on your problems My adjustments on what you’re thinking and believing and it’s going to be really great. There was a question about timing with The training sessions that I want to be doing live.

So, as I said, give me some time to recover and then I will be in touch with all of my clients to make sure that we can find a time that works for most people. And then we’ll go from there. We’re going to record them. They’re going to be available to everybody who is a paying client.

But I want to lean into that live energy and also just the group the group excitement, even though every single person is getting personalized coaching, right? So the whole program is built on the fact that you get one on one time with me and a VIP experience, right? You have a who to turn to at every moment.

But on top of that, I think there’s always really room for being a part of a community and having a little bit of that group experience if you want it. So you don’t have to show up live, but you can, and it’s going to be really awesome. So I’m going to invite you to that once we get really solid about when and how we’re going to do it.

But that’s, that’s the answer about that. A couple of questions about personalized Situations so somebody said here. I’m not married. Can I join? Yes, you can When in the past when it was a mastermind I wasn’t letting people join if they weren’t the right fit Because I wanted the group to feel cohesive but Now that it’s private coaching and really it’s just you and me, then there is no problem with you being you and who you need to be and your situation.

And it doesn’t really affect the other people who are working with me because they basically have nothing to do with you except that one training that I do. Eventually for the group And i’m going to make sure that the training feeds into the needs of the clients So I will definitely address the things from different angles. So if you’re not married, the only thing that I ask is that you be really really Clear and intentional about letting go of your excuses, right?

I’ve worked with women who are not married And attached to the need to be right. And really, obsessed and addicted to the drama and they weren’t open to becoming their next best self. They weren’t open to letting go of a lot of the weight because it was protecting them. And that’s okay.

But I want you to get to the awareness level of like, I want to become the next version of myself. I want. To allow god in and really clean it up for me. I don’t want to be stuck in this Okay, so I am very happy to Have a discovery call with you and help you get really clear on your level of readiness. If you are ready to commit and you want to Put in the effort and really do the work Then you’re going to succeed even if you’re not married and there’s a lot here for you Now same thing with business if you’re not in business, that’s okay You probably have a passion.

You probably have things that you want to do. You probably have A legacy that you want to leave behind and that counts for me as you know wanting to Do something that’s outside of my family life And I want you to be really honest with yourself and say these are my goals And when you have very clear goals and you know where you’re going then we can really Really push to the next level so I would love for you to schedule a discovery call and let’s get clear on that.

And about businesses, if you are really early in your business, don’t worry, I have a lot of Resources for you on how to start and how to get in the right direction and growing smart so that you can really know what to do next and not just get flustered with all the different options. Going down the Google rabbit hole of how to start a business is not what I suggest.

Okay. So I’m going to guide you through starting your business. If your business is already established and you’re in that messy stage where it’s like, you know, I have some clients, but not really sure what to do with them or how to grow or what to do next, or should I start a podcast?

Should I not start a podcast? Well, what’s the best way to start a podcast? All that stuff. We’re going to address that. That’s part of The coaching that I do If your business is advanced and is doing really well And you just want to work less or you want to stop being a workaholic and you want it to Just work for you Instead of you working for it then yes.

Yes. Yes apply this. These are the people I love working with these are the people that I classically help so On that end definitely come and join What I want you to do is I want you to schedule a discovery call connected for real. com slash coaching. We’ll have a link there, a button that says schedule discovery call.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’re going to meet for an hour. We’re going to talk about your specific situation and what you need. A customized plan. We’re going to create that plan for you and make sure that it works for you. Okay, that’s my goal for you. And that is what I’m offering right now.

Again, what you get in this program is six one on one VIP sessions with me. That’s where we go really, really deep and do some amazing work. Oh my gosh, I have to tell you this. I don’t know. God is telling me to tell you. There was one lady who said in the discovery call do you think it’s doable if my goal for the next three months is instead of working one session a day I can double that and make two or three sessions a day and that will help me, you know, make more money So I said sure that’s a doable goal.

Let’s do that. So we wrote it down as our goal. She says no, but I can’t because because because because all the reasons right and I was like fine So we’ll address the time issue and we’ll address the managing and we’ll address the clutter We’ll address all the things in the way and you’ll get there So she ended up signing up and we did one session And after that one session she wrote me and he was like, I don’t know what magic you did But I just did three sessions in one day.

I was like, it’s not my magic. It’s your magic. You did it but it was amazing how sometimes you don’t even think what’s possible and you think what you think you want is like so far fetched but maybe I’m allowed to want it and then boom it just opens up the doors and you’re like blown away. Now she has five more sessions to enjoy and focus on how to make that stick. How to take it to the next level and that’s what I love I love it that you can blow your own mind with this work and that’s what i’m here for I enjoy it very much because I see I see how much it works. Okay so what if you’re not jewish? That was a question that came in and I actually had a couple of non jewish.

Clients recently and I absolutely love them. I love all of my clients. The niche that I am in is God centered. So I don’t care if you are Jewish, I don’t care if you are observant. I don’t care if you are religious. I want you to know that there is a God. If you believe in God and you know that he is here and he loves you and he wants to guide you to your next best self, and you’re being called to get a coach and

up level then. Schedule a discovery call and let’s talk because I really don’t believe in judging people by labels or by external ways of judging people. My grandfather was the same way. He always said the only thing that matters is your belief in God and your understanding that he is.

Right here right now watching every single thing and you’re not going to You’re not going to cheat and you’re not going to go against, society and you’re not going to do the wrong things when you have that so, so clear. So that is why I am very focused on God centered women. And I don’t necessarily say Jewish women or religious women or whatever. I don’t use any of those terms because I don’t believe in them. I really believe that right now, especially in the time of redemption, What we are here to do is light up the world, and it doesn’t matter if you are a Noahide, or if you’re Christian, or if you’re Jewish, or if you’re, you know, super religious and, and Hasidic, or observant regular, or modern, or maybe you went off the derrich, or maybe you’re trying to find your path.

I don’t care, because that’s not my business. My business is to help you strengthen your relationship with God, and get the answers you need in order to know exactly what to do. So that is my mission. That is what I’m here for. And that is the answer to that question. One of the favorite things that people said in the group in the WhatsApp group, when we were in the challenge is I’m too young or I’m too old.

And isn’t that funny? They both came up. So, Oh, I’m too young. I’m not ready to have a coach. Maybe I should just You know figure it out myself Maybe i’m just supposed to learn things along the way and sort of fuddle through until I figure it out Like really stop. Think like a boss be smart and Get yourself support.

Anytime I got a coach I doubled or tripled my investment with that coach because what you’re doing here is you’re not investing in something.

You’re investing in yourself. And the only way that you can fail is by not showing up and forgetting about me and not coming to any of the calls. But in reality, All you have to do is just show up. All you have to do is just raise your hand, send a message when you’re feeling down, say, I need help when you need help.

And schedule your calls and show up to them. It’s not about making it more difficult than it has to be. And I really don’t want you to stress over this. You are going to make your life easier and more streamlined when you get the support you need. Okay, so don’t be like, oh, I’m too young. I have so much time on my hands.

Yeah, but that’s silly Like why figure it all out yourself if you can just take a shortcut and get the help you need. And the same thing with I’m too old, right? It’s like oh, I’m too old. There’s no hope. What am I gonna do? No, no, no, no, no, no. No, you’re never too old for anything. And you can completely blow your own mind by what is possible for you when you allow yourself to lean into that journey of being your next best self.

It lights me up. It fires me up. Right? I’m going to tell you why I’m so fired up and I’m getting really, hot about this because I get upset when women don’t let themselves dream. When you’re like, nah, I don’t know, well, whatever, it’s fine, I’m fine with default, it’s like, status quo, things are okay, fine is fine, okay is okay, okay is not okay, and fine is not fine, okay?

That’s like, really upsetting for me, because I know what’s possible, and I’ve seen my own life, and the lives of the people that I have coached. You can see the breakthrough so quickly. And sometimes the breakthrough comes even before we start working together, just by giving yourself a chance, just by believing in yourself that you can and taking that step and getting off the fence, you start to see and feel different things. You give yourself the belief that it’s possible.

And as I promised you in the workshop that we had

what I want you to have is hope. What I want you to realize is that whatever is good now can be even better. What you have now, you can have more. And God wants you to want that, right? He doesn’t want you to sit around and say, Okay, I’m grateful for what I have and it’s fine if I just sit here. You can be grateful for what you have and want more.

And they don’t have to fight. They are not contradictory. They are so awesome. That’s how God created the world. He gave us everything we need, and then he gave us a lack. That lack is meant to be filled, and the way we fill it is with our wants, is going after what we want.

If you think you’re too shy, or too much of an introvert, it’s private coaching. So, it’s not a group, and it’s not something you have to show up to and be someone you’re not. It’s just you, and me, and honestly, I love that I can do that for you. It’s not something I had available in the past because I was busy with other things and I only did my groups.

And when I was able to lean back into the one on ones, I really, really enjoyed it because there’s something really powerful about working privately with a client. So, don’t worry if you’re shy. I actually had a client who called herself a fly on the wall. I just want to hear what everybody else is doing, see what everybody else is doing, and sort of just witness, and notice, and I don’t have the courage, or the clarity, to stand up and speak for myself, or ask for the thing, or write a message on the WhatsApp group or whatever it was, like basic things

because she was just really shy and really inside herself. And one of the most amazing things that she said when she graduated, the three month process, was that, It’s priceless. What she has created is priceless. Not only was she able to stand up for herself and her community, speak, and start giving classes, and speak up for the kids.

But she also started moving towards opening up her own business, which was her dream that she never thought was possible because just thinking about doing something big made her nauseous. And so we really broke it down and we started moving towards it, and she is amazed at how What is possible? So this is something that I really want you to Allow yourself to dream about allow yourself to think about and just enjoy Okay. Now we talked a lot about the business side like it doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning if you’re in the middle if you have Something that’s already established all is good.

And just let’s talk about it and see how we can Work together and make it even better. I want to talk about the marriage side So As I said, if you’re not married, what I want you to do is really get honest with yourself. How intentional are you at becoming your next best version of yourself and really getting to shine and getting to break through your own perceptions of what you can do. Just Blow your own mind if you’re ready for that Then let’s go come and apply work with me. We can totally do this. If your marriage is one foot here one foot there and you’re not really sure Schedule a discovery call. Let’s talk. I’m going to help you find clarity. If at any moment I see that a discovery call with you is not Going in the right direction or that you don’t really fit my coaching Then I will let you know right because yes.

Yes. No, no, but there is no maybe okay So just like I want you to give me a final answer I also will give you a final answer if I see that it’s not a good fit. So I don’t want you to worry about scheduling the discovery call. I just want you to give yourself the permission to At least try at least question.

Maybe it’s possible for me. Maybe I can do it Maybe this is something that god is guiding me to do. Maybe I’m being called to get a coach and maybe I found the right person for me. And if so, then let’s do it. So I invite you to go to connectedforreal. com slash coaching and click on the button that says

schedule a discovery call. Find the nearest time, and if you can’t find one, let me know and I will find a time for you. Maybe I can move things around. Other than that for the most part, if your marriage is great, then we’ll make it even greater. If your marriage is fine and good, but you’re having, you know, my husband is dominant and he’s negative and he is critical.

I’m obviously not going anywhere and we’re happy most of the time, but there’s these little things that get in the way. That’s totally cool. I’m going to teach you how to deal with those. And I actually have in the curriculum a lot to talk about that because it’s a lot of what I had to go through.

And a lot of the skills that I had to learn are in the sessions and trainings. So the training area has a lot of skills for marriage and also just for self growth.

And that’s it. Those are all the questions I got after the webinar. Thank you very much for listening all the way until the end. I can’t wait to meet you in the discovery call and hear how you’re doing. If you need me, I’m also in the emails. Just hit reply and I am here for you. You have until March 28th.

To sign up, if you sign up earlier, you may actually have a chance to getting your one on one early. If not, then we’re going to talk about it after I have the baby and find you a time to have your first one on one. But until then, you’ll still have all of the access to the meditations and the sessions and trainings and all the other extras in my curriculum that are available to you.

So thank you so much for listening. Don’t forget to be connected for real and I’ll see you in the discovery call.

And that’s it! Thank you for listening to the very end. I would love if you can leave a review and subscribe to the podcast. Those are things that tell the algorithm this is a good podcast and make sure to suggest it to others. Wouldn’t it be amazing if more people became more connected for real? And now take a moment and think of someone who might benefit from this episode.

Can you share it with them? I am Rebbetzin Bat chen Grossman from connectedforreal. com. Thank you so much for listening and don’t forget you can be connected for real.